Growing With T12 Fluorescent Lights

Growing With T12 Fluorescent Lights

Growing with fluorescent grow lights is great for your plants. However, there are different types of fluorescent grow lights that perform different operations. In this article, we will be discussing growing with T12 fluorescent lights.

It is crucial you choose the right type of fluorescent light for your plants’ needs. This is so your plants can receive the appropriate light to develop. So, let’s look into growing with T12 fluorescent lights and how they affect your plants’ growth.

What Are Fluorescent Lights?

Fluorescent growing bulbs produce low intensity and will not emit too much heat. Thus, they are perfect for growing various plants such including seedlings and clones.

Fluorescent lights are also ideal for growing plants that do not demand too much light intensity. It will supply the appropriate type of light needed by your plants without causing any harm. They are especially ideal for growing vegetables, herbs, spinach, lettuce, and the likes. They are also great for vegetative growth and flowering growth.

There are various types of fluorescent tube lights you can choose for your indoor garden but not all fluorescent lights are the same.  You can distinguish them by their diameters and they are represented by the “T” letter. The T letter indicates the bulb has a tube shape.

We have from T4 to T12 fluorescent light tubes and we will be discussing the T12 fluorescent lights. The 12 in this T12 bulb indicates that the bulb is 12/8 in diameter or 1.5 inches.

Growing With T12 Fluorescent Lights

Although T12 is not so great amongst the other T fluorescent lights we have, nevertheless, T12 can supply your plants with lights for their growing needs.

T12 fluorescent light has been in existence for a long and they are regarded as older technology. It may be a little scarce to find them in the market as they are been discontinued by some manufactures. However, you can find the ones used for residential purposes still available.

The T12 fluorescent lights usually absorb more wattage and they will only supply you with fewer lumens or brightness. They are not so long-lasting as other fluorescents. Thus, using T12 fluorescent lights might cost you to always replace them very often and they are not so efficient unlike other types of T fluorescent lights.

T12 Fluorescent Lights - Growing Plants

We will not recommend you depend on T12 lights only for growing. You can have other types of fluorescent lights such as T5 and T8 to get optimal plant production.

You can however rely on T12 fluorescent grow light if you’re using them for only small seedlings germination. Small seedlings germination does not require too much light intensity.

Some Recommended T12 Fluorescent Lights

Below are some recommended T12 fluorescent lights you can use I growing your plants:

1.    GE Plant and Aquarium Fluorescent Light Bulb, F20T12 Grow Light

GE plant and aquarium fluorescent F20T12 grow light is ideal for some plants and aquariums. It features 750 lumens, 20 watts, warm white, bi-pin base, and it measures 1.5-inch diameter.

This is a T12 type of fluorescent grow light that can supply your indoor plants with light. They are especially great for indoor vegetable garden seedlings.

It can also provide light to your aquatic vegetation. The fluorescent bulb comprises a combination of phosphorous and this will supply plenty of red and blue lights. The bulb can last you up to 4 years if you follow the 6 hours daily usage.

Although they may not provide a wide range of the light spectrum, they can still be utilized on plants that require lesser light intensity.

2.    Active Grow T8/T12 High Output 4FT LED Grow Light Tube for Germination & Microgreens

The active grow light is a type of T8/T12 tube your indoor plants can utilize. It features 22 watts and sun white full spectrum. The bulbs are great as they offer bright light for your plants’ growth. The brightness is twice as bright compared to older fluorescent lamps.

This grow light is especially ideal for seed germination and microgreens. It is also ideal for vertical farming and can be used on houseplants.

This grow light is energy-saving and the lamp features are durable. The heat emitted is also moderate thus, safe for your plants.

Fluorescent Grow Lights Bulbs Conclusion

Growing with T12 fluorescent lights may not be the best of the best but they can be used on certain plants that require low light intensity. They can also be used on small germinating seedlings.