5 DIY Tomato Trellis Design Ideas To Borrow

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Last Updated on October 28, 2022

If you want to grow any variety of tomatoes you will need a tomato trellis to help you support your plants and their produce. Here are some tomato trellis design ideas you can use to support your tomato plants.

What Is A Tomato Trellis

Tomato trellis is a freestanding structure that is made from metal or wood. It is used to contain and support the sprawling vines and the heavy tomato fruit. Trellis provides support for your tomato plants. It keeps them healthy all through their growing season. The use of trellis ensures you get maximum produce yields per plant. There is nothing better than growing tomatoes in your backyard.

If you choose to grow the vining type you will need to prune them and use trellis for support. Not only does the trellis keep these plants off the ground, but they also ensure your plants receive enough sunlight.


Let’s Look At The Tomato Trellis Design Ideas You Could Use

String Trellis

The simplest way to support your tomato plants is to use a string to tie the vine to a frame. String trellis is an available and inexpensive method that requires only a few materials. If you are growing the tomatoes in a greenhouse, you can attach the strings to the rafters or studs. If you are growing them outdoors, you can choose to use a horizontal or vertical frame.

String tomato trellis

Stake Fence Trellis

This is a simple and inexpensive design idea yet long-lasting. It works best for both vining and bush tomatoes and you can adjust the size and width according to your preferences. You use strings to attach the plants to keep them growing off the ground.

Stake Fence Trellis

DIY Tomato Trellis Triad

Many farmers who grow cherry tomatoes love this support. It is made from wood, wire mesh, string support, and U hooks at the top of the structure. The mesh fence is best for cherry tomatoes and any other variety that grows under 7 feet.

triad trellis tomato

Horizontal Tomato Plant Trellis

If you have a smaller average-sized yard, a homemade horizontal trellis can be of great help to you. The mesh panels are supported by wooden posts in each corner. The tomatoes grow through the fencing and sprawl out as wide as possible without much care.

Stake and String Trellis

The stake and string method are like the vertical hanging in the string trellis. The design is simple and involves pounding a wooden stake next to each plant. The stake provides early support for the plant. This is later tied or clipped to a string that suspends it to a horizontal frame or greenhouse ceiling. Cedar is a good wood to use for stakes since it is rot resistant and sisal strings are biodegradable.

Hydrofarm GCTR Tomato Trellis 

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How do you make a tomato trellis?

Simple. Cut a piece of wood and drill holes into it for the tomato vines to grow through. Then, you can train the plants upward and toward your home. Make a trellis using 2x4s and a cinder block or other sturdy material. Cut the 2x4s to be the same length as your posts and set them at a 45-degree angle on the ground. Then, dig a hole that is about 6 inches deep and 3 inches wide.

Put in the 2x4s and fill with soil. Make sure the bottom is planted deep into the soil. Next, plant the tomato vines. If you are using cinder blocks, you’ll need to use a hammer and nail to drive the blocks into the ground.

What can I use for a tomato trellis?

The best trellises are made out of wire or wood. These will hold the tomato plants in place without damaging their roots. If you don’t want to build a trellis, there are many other options that can work. You could use a sheet of plywood placed over the ground. Or you could tie your plants to the side of a building or fence. The main thing is that you make sure your trellis is sturdy and strong enough to support your tomato plants.

Plastic or wooden supports are lightweight and easy to adjust. I have used wooden ones with my tomato plants for years. They  are very durable and light. If you use a plastic trellis, there is probably a brand that is more permanent than the other. For example, I have a 4' x 8' trellis that I got from Lowe's that has lasted me a long time. It is made of a soft plastic and seems like it will last forever. It is adjustable and very easy to use.

How tall should a trellis be for tomatoes?

A trellis is just a fancy word for a vertical structure. It can be made out of anything that will hold the plants up. Trellises can be as simple as a straight stick placed into the ground, or as elaborate as a wooden box with slats and a ladder. The main purpose of a trellis is to give your plants support while they grow.

Trellis height is a function of what you want to grow on the trellis. If you are growing tomatoes, you can go with a height of 3 feet or 6 feet, depending on what kind of tomatoes you are growing. The trellis needs to be sturdy enough that it can support the weight of the plants, but also allow for enough airflow so that the plant roots don't get too hot.

Trellises can be made of wood, metal, plastic or other materials. If you are planning on growing your tomatoes in containers, consider a container trellis as an option.


With so many available options for supporting your tomato plants, it is easy to find a design that meets your needs. How big is your garden? What variety do you want to grow? When do you want to harvest them? Answering these questions will help you settle on the right option for your kind of tomato farming.

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