Growing With Compact Fluorescents

Growing your indoor hydroponics plants with compact fluorescents is by far the easiest and low-cost grow lights to use. Compact fluorescents are the most common type of light you can find in most houses and it’s been available for over 2 decades.

Compact fluorescents light is an excellent light source to supply to your plants. They are great in giving a great spectrum of light for your growing plant needs.

What Are Compact Fluorescents Lights (CFL)?

Compared to the more expensive grow lights such as metal halide, LED grow light, and high-pressure sodium, compact fluorescents will offer almost the same function as others with lesser cost.

Why Use Compact Fluorescents For Growing?

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Types Of Compact Fluorescents For Growing

Most compact fluorescents don’t come in full-spectrum, they usually come in two colors namely warm and daylight colors. Kelvin scale is used to measure or determine the colors of light the bulb emits.


The amount of light required for growing will vary solely on the type of plants because some plants require more or fewer watts.

How Much Bulbs Or Watts Is Needed For Growing

You should be able to deduce if any of your plants require more light by accessing the growth rate of all the areas of your garden.

How Many CFLs Per Plant

We admire the fact that one can plug compact fluorescent into regular light sockets. You can arrange them as you please because they come in different sizes and shapes and they are highly customizable.

How To Use Compact Fluorescents For Growing Plants

Place the light at least 4 to 6 inches away from your plants.

Where To Put Compact Fluorescents

It is pretty convenient growing with compact fluorescent light in your hydroponic garden. You enjoy a cost-effective technique to supply light to your plants while still enjoying great results.


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