Best T8 Bulbs For Growing Plants

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Last Updated on October 29, 2022

As a hydroponic indoor grower, one of the major things to put in place to get optimal growth is good lighting. Among various types of grow light, we have in the market, T8 grow light is the type that can supply your plants with good lighting. This is why you need to know the best T8 bulbs for growing plants.

Your indoor hydroponic plants will require excellent grow light that can duplicate the effect or work of sunlight. We will be reviewing the best T8 bulbs you can choose for growing plants in your indoor hydroponic garden so you can enjoy optimal yield. So, read on to decide your best pick.

What Are T8 Grow Light?

T8 grows are fluorescent grow lights that are one inch in diameter. It is approximately 40% smaller than a T5 fluorescent light and also longer than T5 grow light.

List Of The Best T8 Bulbs For Growing Plants

With so many options of T8 bulbs in the market, deciding which to go for might be confusing. This is why we are taking the stress off and listing some amazing T8 bulb grow lights you can go for. So, let’s explore our options:

1.    GrowLED LED Bypass T8 – LED Grow Light Tube for Garden, Hydroponic, and Greenhouse

This grows light is one great T8 grow light bulb you can choose. It features both red and blue spectrum which is specially required for the optimal growth of plants. This T8 grow light will usher your plants all through their growing phase (germination, vegetative, and flowering or fruiting phase).

It comes with a wavelength that ranges from 650nm to 450nm. The grow light is very flexible and you can set them up in various positions in your indoor garden such as a growing rack, vertical farm, or plant factory.

Another added advantage is that the bulbs emit low heat. Thus, you can position them a little close to your plant so they can receive optimal light and not worry about it burning your plants.

In addition, this grows light will not take too much power thereby you get to save a good amount on your lightning utility bill. They will also serve you a long time till you ever think of making any change.

The drawback we notice is that the light may be too bright for your eyes. So when handling or going near it, you can make use of some protective eye wears.


  • Supplies both red and blue spectrum which is great for plant growth.
  • Easy to use and set up.
  • The heat emitted is minimal.
  • Energy-saving grows light.
  • Long-lasting.


  • The light produced may be too bright for your eyes.

2.    Sumerflos T8 LED Grow Light, 2FT Full Spectrum Sunlike Integrated Growing Lamp Fixture

Sumerflos T8 grow light will offer great lighting for your plants’ growing needs. It is a good grow light that can duplicate the work of sunlight. It is easy to assemble and use. The grow light is also lightweight thus can be easily hung inside a grow portable tent, indoor garden, and so on.

The wavelength ranges from 420nm to 780nm which will support your plants through germination, vegetative flowering, or fruiting stage. Thus, it is great for all plant stages. The bulb or lamps used are made of integrated lamp beads that generate warm white light which is soft to the eyes. Thus, it will serve as protection to your eyes.

Also, the heat it emits is not much which makes it safe for plants. This T8 grow light generates efficient light that does not consume much energy for your electricity bill. This T8 grow light is made of highly efficient aluminum which protects the lead chips thereby offering you long-lasting use.

Another benefit we admire is that with the help of connecting wire, it can connect or link up to 8 grow lights at once. Thus, giving your plants optimal light supply.


  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Great for all plant life cycle.
  • The heat emitted is minimal.
  • Energy-saving.
  • Light is eyes protective.


  • Might not be so strong for a couple of plants.

3.    Barrina LED Grow Light, 252W(6 x 42W) 4ft T8, Full Spectrum

The T8 Barrina LED grow light is another excellent grow light that will supply a full light spectrum to your plants. This grow light is easy to install and it comes with different wires for connections.

It is built with an aluminum reflector that improves the efficiency of light supplied to plants. This T8 bulb light can last as long as 50,000 hours non-stop. The aluminum reflector also assists in spreading the heat emitted evenly.

This T8 grow light will usher your plants into their various stages such as germinating, vegetative, and flowering or fruiting. The full spectrum Barrina grow light offers consist of red, blue, and green wavelengths which are great for boosting the growth of plants.

Additionally, this growth light can as well extend the flowering time of any plant you wish to extend. Thus, it will also help enhance the quality of the budding of your plants. You enjoy higher efficiency of light at a reduced cost as well as low consumption.

Another added benefit is the ability to connect up to 6 bulbs at once without requiring connecting chords. Thus, installation costs and timing are reduced.

The downside is that the light emitted may be too bright for your eyes. Wear protective eye wears if they’re bothering your eyes.


  • Highly efficientT8 grow light.
  • Long-lasting with a life span of 50,000 hours of non-stop light.
  • Great for all plant life cycle.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Features aluminum right reflectors for better functionality.


  • Light may be too bright for the eyes.

4.    Byingo 2ft LED Grow Light, 96W (4 x 24W) 2-Row V-Shape T8 Integrated Fixture Plug and Play

Another option when it comes to the best T8 bulbs for growing plants is the Byingo V-shape T8 integrated fixtures. It is perfect for greenhouse cultivation, house gardens, etc.

They are super easy to assemble; use and the bulbs are bright enough for your plants to do well under them. They are pretty versatile and lightweight so they can be installed on your walls, shelves, and so on.

Byingo V-shaped T8 integrated light fixtures offer your plant a full light spectrum. Thus, they will assist your plant transition from germination to flowering to vegetative, and flowering or fruiting stages. They will also help your plant take in adequate nutrients even trace elements for optimal yield.

The grow light is highly efficient and long-lasting and its power consumption is also minimal. You can also link up to 6 fixtures at once.

The disadvantage we notice is that the light produced may be too bright for your eyes. Thus, ensure you wear protective eye wears when close to the plant if the light affects your eyes.


  • A lightweight and versatile grow light
  • Perfect for all plant stages.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Long-lasting T8 grow light


  • Light may be too bright for the eyes.

5.    White Light Full Spectrum LED Grow Light, 2FT 2-Row V-Shape T8 Integrated Growing Lamp Fixture

One of the best options for T8 bulbs for growing plants is this white light full spectrum. They supply bright white lights and they’re great for an indoor hydroponic garden. The wavelength ranges from 420nm to 780nm.

The white light they produce will not cause harm to your eyes as they are healthier for both you and your plants. They are also full-spectrum light that will support your plant throughout the stages of its growth cycle.

The installation is pretty easy and it requires no wiring or reconstruction. All you need do is plug and on your grow light. They are highly efficient that give high output even with low power consumption. Thus, you get to save up to 70% energy on your electricity bill.

Additionally, they can also link up to 6 bulbs at once. Thus, you can extend your grow tent to a bigger size as you wish.

However, the drawback we notice is that it produces too much heat. So, ensure you place them at least 4 to 12 inches away from your plants.

All in all, the white light full spectrum T8 bulb is a great option you can choose when it comes to the best T8 bulb for growing plants.


  • Energy-saving T8 grow light.
  • Great efficiency with high output.
  • Ability to link up to 6 bulbs at once.
  • Supports all plant growth stages.


  • The heat produced may burn your plants. Thus should be positioned far from plants.


Are T8 LED lights good for growing?

Yes, they are.
T8 bulbs have a higher color rendering index (CRI) and a better output spectrum. They also emit more visible light. The bulbs produce roughly the same amount of light. The higher CRI is helpful in plants that have a photosynthetic response to blue wavelengths. It is also helpful when trying to see details in plants. There are two main types of T8s. There are T8s with a filament and T8s without a filament. A T8 bulb with a filament produces more light than a T8 bulb without a filament. T5 bulbs do not require a filament.

Is T5 better than T8?

T8 is one of the most popular bulb types for growing plants. A t8 bulb is an artificial light bulb designed for growing plants. Most of the bulbs are used in hydroponics, or with a nutrient solution. Hydroponic systems have been around for a long time and are the most common way to grow plants indoors. A t8 bulb is similar to a T5 bulb but with one big difference:
it has a much higher wattage than a regular T5 bulb. The higher wattage means that the plant will require less energy, which in turn means that you will be saving money on your electricity bill.

Best Fluorescent Light For Plants Conclusion

There’s no denying that nothing beats natural sunlight. T8 bulbs will still support your indoor plant growth by mimicking the work done by sunlight.  But even if they do not give you 100% natural sunlight supply, they will still deliver great results for your plants’ needs.

So, we have listed some of the best T8 bulbs you can go for when growing your plants indoors.

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