Recirculating DWC System: Easy Way to Make

recirculating dwc system

Do you know how to make a recirculating DWC system? Well, we’ve got you covered here. Recirculating deep water culture also known as RDWC imitates the traditional deep water culture …

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How Does The Color Of Light Affect Plant Growth?

does the color of light affect plant growth

A commonly asked question among growers is; “does the color of light affect plant growth?” The answer is yes! Light color sure affects plant growth and we will be discussing …

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Tilapia Water Temperature Requirements in Aquaponics

tilapia water temperature

Tilapia water temperature requirements in aquaponics are an essential aspect of rearing healthy and vibrant fish.  Tilapia is one of the most famous and much-loved fish among aquaponics farmers. They …

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