A Guide To Vertical Farming In Your Home

You can enjoy fresh veggies and other types of crops in the comfort of your home by venturing into vertical farming. Vertical farming is a type of farming system that involves growing crops in a stacked-up manner. So, if vertical farming interests you and you’re wondering how to do vertical farming at home, we will enlighten you in this post.

A vertical farming system is a method of growing all types of crops in vertical layers. Plants are stacked up to save more space and this allows you to raise plants in a much closer space. 

What Is Vertical Farming System?

There is a popular and easier vertical DIY system that will especially suit your home or kitchen. This method makes use of transformed regular bottles into usable containers by stringing them together in a container rack.

How To Do Vertical Farming At Home

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MATERIALS AND INGREDIENTS On Bottle Tower Vertical Home Farming

Plastic bottles of water 

Soil mix composed 

Step 1  Stack up about 6 to 7 rows of plastic bottles of water. Trim off the base of all the bottles. Drill two holes close to the lid on the two sides.  Step 2  Fill the bottle with a soil mix composed of local soil and compost or animal manure. Fill the bottle up and leave about an inch free at the base.

Steps On Bottle Tower Vertical Home Farming

Step 3  All the bottles are attached to a wall or any kind of supporting structure. Then the upper part of the stacked bottle should be with a cover or lid. This will serve as a funnel for filling the bottle at the top of the tower.

Steps On Bottle Tower Vertical Home Farming

Step 4  Make a small window by cutting part of each bottle. Through this window that seed, seedlings, or young plants are planted into.

Steps On Bottle Tower Vertical Home Farming

You can grow all kinds of vegetables. However, you may be limited in growing bigger and taller plants as they may not accommodate them as they grow big.

What To Grow In Vertical Indoor Farming at Home?

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examples of vegetables or fruits that can be grown in a vertical system 







Other young plant


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