A Recipe For Making Aeroponics Nutrient Solution   

Aeroponics gardening makes use of a special way of feeding plants and the nutrient solution supplies the nutrient for the plants’ development. In this article, we will be discussing more on aeroponics nutrient solution recipe, how aeroponics works, and many more.

Just like hydroponics, aeroponics farming makes use of growing plants in a soilless environment. The plant roots are suspended in the air thus; this brings about the name ‘Aeroponic.’ 

Aeroponic Farming System

The nutrient supplied in aeroponic plants is organic liquids and they include nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and so on. Easily assimilated by plants because they are in pure form.

Aeroponics NutrientS

Growing various plants in aeroponics means you should be able to supply all the required materials needed for your plants to grow adequately.

Aeroponics Nutrient Solution Recipe

Ideally, most plants will absorb nutrients efficiently when the pH is slightly acidic. While some other plants may prefer a bit of acidic pH range.

Ideal PH For Aeroponic Nutrient Solution

The Aeroponics system utilizes a sprinkling method of feeding plants and plant roots are suspended in the air.The system has small nozzles which are made up of tiny sprinkler heads.

How Aeroponics WorkS

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Advantages Of AeroponicS

Less Space With Abundant Yield 

No Nutrient Run-off 

All Year Round Production  

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Advantages Of Aeroponic

Safer And Environmentally Friendly 


Even though aeroponics offers lots of benefits one can’t resist, there are still some downsides to them. You need a bit of skill to run an aeroponics system efficiently.

Downsides To AeroponicS

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