A Review Of Stupice Tomato

It is an heirloom tomato that originates from Czechoslovakia which is now the Czech Republic. The seed was then introduced to North America in 1976. It is pretty easy to grow this type of tomato variety and amazingly; it is naturally diseased resistant.

The flavorful stupice tomatoes are one popular tomatoes variety that is loved by many. As we mentioned, it originated from Czechoslovakia which is now regarded as the Czech Republic. 

Interesting Facts About Stupice Tomatoe

The height at which stupice tomatoes tend to grow is around 5 to 7 feet. They also tend to grow in a vining manner.

How Tall Do Stupice Tomato Plants Get?

Stupice tomatoes are an indeterminate variety. This means they are vining plants that. Inclined to keep on extending in length all through their growing season.

Are Stupice Tomatoes Determinate Or Indeterminate?

Stupice tomatoes are an heirloom variety and they are open-pollinated. Hence, they are not hybrid tomatoes. This also means they have never been cross-bred or they have not been cross-bred for a very long time

Is Stupice Tomato A Hybrid?

-Preferably, stupice tomatoes seeds should be commenced indoors.  -Each cell or pot should have about 2 or 3 seeds sown.

Planting Stupice Tomato

-Recommended is the application of fertilizer to the seedlings for 7 to 10 days.  -Then once the last frost in your region has elapsed, you can transplant your seedlings outdoors.

Planting Stupice Tomato

Stupice tomatoes should be ready for harvest in merely 40 to 45 days from transplanting. Also, you can harvest your juicy stupice tomato once you’ve seen the desired color of the tomato fruit.


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