Stupice Tomato Review

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Last Updated on January 22, 2022

Let’s do some stupice tomato review. Tomatoes are cultivated extensively for their edible fruits and they have so many juicy varieties and stupice tomatoes are one amazing type.

It is an heirloom tomato that originates from Czechoslovakia which is now the Czech Republic. The seed was then introduced to North America in 1976. It is pretty easy to grow this type of tomato variety and amazingly; it is naturally diseased resistant.

If you plan on adding this stupice tomato variety to your garden, be rest assured you will be making a great decision as it offers so many wonderful benefits. So, let’s check out some reviews on stupice tomato for more details about them.

Interesting Facts About Stupice Tomatoes

The flavorful stupice tomatoes are one popular tomatoes variety that is loved by many. As we mentioned, it originated from Czechoslovakia which is now regarded as the Czech Republic.

Stupice tomatoes are plants that tend to grow vigorously to produce abundant yields. They can yield around 3 to 6 ounces of red juicy tomato fruit. Their fruits are borne in clusters of 5 or more. The yields of stupid tomatoes are pretty high and almost all the fruits produced are in perfect conditions.

Stupice tomatoes give this red and intense red color. It offers this richly tangy and sweet flavor. Stupice tomatoes also have good tolerance to cold. Open-pollinated plant.

Interesting Facts About Stupice Tomatoes

It has a short growing season and it tends to mature very early. This amazing tomato variety is usually ready for harvest in just about 40 to 45 days from transplanting. Start seeds preferably indoors. However, you can still plant them outdoors so far you follow the right steps.

Some tomatoes are prone to cracking. But when it comes to stupice tomatoes, they are fairly resistant to cracking. This is especially favorable for people that have more drought periods in their regions. And if this drought period is followed by lots of rain.

This shows that no matter the prevailing weather conditions, stupice tomatoes may not really mind the situation. So, either hot or cold and rain or sunshine, this tomato variety will perform fairly well.

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How Tall Do Stupice Tomato Plants Get?

The height at which stupice tomatoes tend to grow is around 5 to 7 feet. They also tend to grow in a vining manner.

Are Stupice Tomatoes Determinate Or Indeterminate?

Stupice tomatoes are an indeterminate variety. This means they are vining plants that. Inclined to keep on extending in length all through their growing season.

Also, because they tend to keep growing in a vining manner, it is advisable to stake them or cage them. Do this at the planting period as the plants begin to get big and heavy with abundant fruits.

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Stupice Tomato Review

Is Stupice Tomato A Hybrid?

Stupice tomatoes are an heirloom variety and they are open-pollinated. Hence, they are not hybrid tomatoes. This also means they have never been cross-bred or they have not been cross-bred for a very long time (usually decades or even centuries).

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Planting Stupice Tomato

It’s fairly easy growing this tomato variety so far you follow the right procedure. Here are some guidelines you can follow to successfully plant stupice tomatoes.

  • Step 1

Preferably, stupice tomatoes seeds should be commenced indoors. Plant seeds starting from 6 weeks before the last frost date. The temperature for starting seeds indoors should be around 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Step 2

Each cell or pot should have about 2 or 3 seeds sown. Then once the seedlings have developed a third set of leaves or when they have attained a height of 2 to 2.5 inches, go ahead and transplant them to individual pots.

Transplant the individual pots of around 4 inches. Remember to thin to the strongest seedlings.

Planting Stupice Tomato

Furthermore, when transplanting seedlings to pots, we recommend you use a fresh potting mix. This is to prevent the introduction of any soil-borne disease.

You should also water regularly, especially in hot weather. Matter of fact, pots may require daily watering in very hot weather.

  • Step 3

Recommended is the application of fertilizer to the seedlings for 7 to 10 days. The fertilizer should be a liquid or water-soluble fertilizer. Then the fertilizer should be diluted to a quarter of the recommended measurement at the seedlings stage. This is to ensure your plant root system does not get burnt.

  • Step 4

Then once the last frost in your region has elapsed, you can transplant your seedlings outdoors. Make sure the nighttime temperature is around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, ensure you gradually acclimate to outdoor conditions.

Plant spacing between rows should be around 24 to 36 inches.

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Stupice tomatoes should be ready for harvest in merely 40 to 45 days from transplanting.

Also, you can harvest your juicy stupice tomato once you’ve seen the desired color of the tomato fruit. If you have green tomatoes, they can be ripened at a cool temperature when they are blemish-free. However, if they are very dark green tomatoes, they may not ripen totally.

Recap On Stupice Tomato Review

We have seen how stupice tomatoes are one lovable variety of tomatoes that is fairly easy to grow and can serve as a great addition to your garden.

Here is some recap on some of the things we mentioned about this flavorful tomato variety:

  • They are high-yielding plants. Inclined to produce around 3 to 6 ounces of red juicy tomato fruit. Their fruits are also borne in clusters of five or more.
  • It gives a red and intense color and the flavor is richly tangy and sweet.
  • They mature pretty early. Their maturity from transplanting is as fast as 40 to 45 days.
  • Stupice tomatoes are indeterminate tomato variety meaning they tend to grow in a vining manner. Hence, they often require staking or caging.
  • Stupice tomatoes usually grow as tall as 5 to 7 feet.
  • This plant variety is cold tolerance.
  • Start seeds indoors preferably for better results.
  • Use a fresh potting mix when transplanting seedlings to pots.

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