Low Acid Tomato Varieties You Can Grow

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Last Updated on November 28, 2021

Low acid tomato varieties are an excellent alternative for people who cannot handle high acidity levels due to certain medical conditions.

Some of these medical conditions include cold sores, ulcers, acid reflux, and stomach problems.

Tomatoes generally contain citric acid, and your body uses this acid to produce energy.  Unfortunately, some people cannot use this acid due to some dietary problems, thus requiring low acid ones. Low-acid tomatoes are the best option to grow.

The Low Acid Tomato Varieties

Tomato varieties that fall into the low-acid range have smaller seeds and more flesh than other varieties.  Low acid tomatoes make the best option for sauces and pastes; hence, they are paste tomatoes.

We have compiled a list of the most delicious, least acidic tomatoes for you who prefer low acid tomatoes.

The Low Acid Tomato Varieties

Low Acid Tomato Varieties To Choose From

Amish Paste

It is a red variety known since 1885 and a good producer. This variety performs well under most growing conditions growing to approximately 1.5m in height with fruits weighing around 225g.

Artisan Blush

This organic cherry variety was introduced in 2017. It is a very prolific producer, growing up to 2m tall. It has elongated small-sized fruits the size of 2 small cherry tomatoes.

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Cream Sausage

This bush tomato produces about 7 cm long fruit best for making sweet yellow tomato paste.


This is the most famous Italian tomato, best known for the best sources made from the bright red flesh.  This vigorous plant produces about 50g of fruit, so tasty even when used in salads or dried.

Roma Italian tomato

San Marzano

This is another bright red Roma-style tomato with 7cm long tasty fruit suitable for paste, puree, or eating fresh.


This pink tomato has the shape of a heart and is a standard Italian home gardener variety. It is very fleshy, therefore, great for making tomato paste.  It also provides nice big slices for salads and sandwiches. The fruit grows up to 600g.

Black Oxheart

This is a medium to large oxheart tomato with dark, blushed skin with great rich flavor. You will need to stake these plants as they grow 2 m high.

Albenga Oxheart

This tomato variety is from the northern regions of Italy and matures later than other varieties.  It has a sizeable pear-shaped fruit weighing about 230g with excellent taste.  The vines grow up to 1.5 m and have good disease resistance.

Andiamo F1

It is a hybrid variety, very prolific and disease resistant. As with all Roma-style tomatoes, this superb variety is best eaten fresh, make tasty sauces and pastes or use it in salsa.

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Sun Gold, (F1)

The Sun Gold is a sweet, tangerine-orange cherry tomato. It produces beautiful tomato fruits throughout its growing season.  It is the best tasting cherry tomato and great for home gardeners.

Supersweet 100, (F1)

The Supersweet 100 Tomato is a small 1-inch tomato with bright red flesh and skin.  This variety has an extra sweet flavor and an outstanding high yield.  It tastes like candy and has a high disease-fighting ability than most other classics. Supersweet 100 F1 is a delicious treat and one of the most nutritious tomatoes you can find anywhere! This variety has higher vitamin C content than any other tomato.

Big Rainbow

The Big Rainbow variety is one of the most beautiful tomatoes to grow. It has a gold and red sunset color when mature.  This variety is a lovely and large tomato with an excellent flavor that you can’t get enough of.

Jet Star, (F1)

The Jet Star Tomato is a gardener’s all-time favorite and the industry’s standard hybrid tomato.  It has a high sugar content that masks acidity. The fruits are meaty, globe-shaped, and can grow to weigh 6 to 8 ounces.  It produces fruits in abundance in mid-to-late summer.

Jet Star, (F1)

Ponderosa Pink

This tomato is extra large and tasty with a bright pink hue, perfect for fresh and cooked sauces.  It weighs about 16 ounces and is almost seedless.

Pink Girl, (F1)

The Pink Girl variety produces lovely, smooth, juicy, and high-quality pink tomatoes.  They are enjoyed all summer long and have low acidity.  It yields about 3.5 inches round fruits that weigh about 6 to 8 ounces.


The Moneymaker Tomato is a terrific popular variety that has a high yield.  It produces delicious, bright red, and smooth fruits perfect for fresh eating. Its vine can grow up to 5 to 6 inches making an excellent 4 to 6 ounces. This variety does well in hot and humid areas and greenhouse environments. It originates from England and produces vigorous vines staked to achieve the best results.

Great White

The Great White Tomato is an award-winning white tomato! It is a unique variety with a creamy inside and grows up to 12 ounces. The Great White tomato is an exceptional big multi-purpose tomato with a unique color and great taste.

Amana Orange

The Amana Orange Tomato is a giant 1 pound tomato with a unique bright orange skin.  It is very juicy with intensely flavored flesh! Best for eating fresh as one bite into it and you won’t forget its taste! Due to its attractive color, it looks great with any meal.

Sweet Million, (F1)

This variety has a delicious flavor with outstanding yields that keeps producing.  Sweet Million F1 produces large clusters of smooth, bright red fruits that come early, producing all summer long. This variety is most popular among home gardeners because it is disease-resistant.  The tomatoes are 1-1.5″ long, producing high yields until the first frost.


Low acid tomato varieties are many in the market.  You only need to know the one that grows favorably in your area.

Generally, you can read about the acidity of a tomato variety before buying. Most seed packets provide this information, and you can also call your local extension office for additional details.

If you want to grow specialty or heirloom varieties, you may also get the pH information from the company through which you order.

Note that there are no acid-free tomatoes, as most people tend to believe.  They are either high or low acid tomato varieties. Have a happy low acid tomato gardening, won’t you?

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