Sweet 100 Tomato Determinate Or Indeterminate

Last Updated on October 30, 2022

Sweet 100 tomato is another amazing variety of tomato you can add to your vegetable garden. This juicy tomato is a type of hybrid that produces abundant fruits. But what is the growing style of sweet 100 tomatoes? Is sweet 100 tomato determinate or indeterminate? Let’s find out.

When we talk about determinate or indeterminate tomato plants, we are basically referring to the growing style of a tomato plant. Most gardeners would like to know the growing style of the tomato variety they choose to plant so they can carefully plan their garden properly.

So, let’s look into the sweet 100 tomato variety and get to know if they are either determinate or indeterminate.

Is Sweet 100 Tomato Plant Determinate Or Indeterminate?

The sweet 100 tomato plant is indeterminate and it is definitely not determinate. This implies that the sweet 100 tomato variety will keep on producing fruits throughout their growing season and they tend to grow in a vining manner. Just keep harvesting them regularly and they will continue yielding abundant fruits up until frost kills them.

Is Sweet 100 Tomato Plant Determinate Or Indeterminate

About The Sweet 100s Tomato

This sweet 100 tomato plant is loved by most gardeners because of its super prolific production. This tomato variety grows so vigorously and they produce delicious fruits. They are indeterminate tomato variety that grows in a vining way. Therefore, they will require support such as caging or staking.

This indeterminate tomato variety tends to yield long fruit-bearing stems. The plant can hold up to 100s or even more sweet cherry tomatoes.

The sweet 100 tomato gives rise to red cherry tomatoes and they can grow up to 4 to 8 feet long. They are capable of producing abundant yields of fruits from early summer up until frost.

Because of the abundant clustered fruits, they produce on their vine, they are named 100 sweet cherry tomatoes. But that doesn’t mean this tomato variety will only yield 100 fruits. Rather, a single part of the cluster on the plant vine is capable of producing 100 tomatoes. Therefore, the plant is capable of giving rise to different clusters of 100s of tomatoes.

Sweet 100 tomato cherry is a tasty fruit that can even be eaten raw straight up from the plant. Thus, they can be used as snacking and they are great to be used in fresh salads.

Stored at room temperature until they become ripe. Then you can refrigerate to slow down the decay process.

The sweet 100 cherry tomato breed is resistant to fusarium wilt and verticillium wilt. It will flourish well in full sunlight just like all other tomato plant varieties.

About The Sweet 100s Tomato

Some Background History About Sweet 100 Tomatoes

The Northrup King Seed Company in Minneapolis which is now a division of Syngenta was the company that developed the sweet 100 tomato hybrid.

The sweet 100 tomato variety has transformed the world of cherry tomatoes because of its very prolific yields of up to 100 for each cluster. The business involved in this cherry tomato is also very competitive.

There have also been some string speculations going about that the heirloom tomato Gardener’s Delight was used to cross-breed the sweet 100 cherry tomato variety.

Major Downside Of The Sweet 100 Indeterminate Tomato

The only major complaint about this cherry tomato variety is the issue of cracking. Cracking is mostly caused when the plant has less water and heavy rain pours down. The tomato plant will then absorb more water during the heavy downpour because it has become so thirsty, and this causes the tomato fruit to crack.

So, to prevent this, make sure you always water evenly at appropriate times. Then always harvest your tomato fruits before they become too ripe on the vine.

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Growing Sweet 100 Tomato

Grow your sweet 100 tomatoes in a full sunny spot. Also, consider spacing as this is important. This tomato variety can grow so very big reaching up to 4 feet wide and 10 feet long. Therefore, space this tomato plant about 24 to 48 inches apart.

Caging or staking is necessary for this vining cherry tomato. You can grow them on a trellis or fence as well. Sweet 100 tomato cherry will mature in about 70 days

However, the sweet 100 cherry tomato isn’t an ideal tomato variety to grow using a container. Although the plant can still produce, it will get too large. However, if the only option you have is containers, ensure the container is very wide and big. You can make use of a 10-gallon container minimum.

Applications Of Sweet 100 Tomatoes

The sweet 100 cherry tomatoes are excellent in cooking applications. You can as well freeze them and use them for pickling. Sweet 100 tomatoes can also be used in a recipe that calls for cherry tomatoes.

Just like other tomatoes variety, sweet 100 cherries are very tasty. They are sturdy and resilient and they will maintain their shape in salads, pasta, and casseroles.

You can as well use them in sauté and grill them up pretty well. They will look so great that they can add up a pop of color to your various dishes.

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Nutritional Benefits

Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes have some amazing nutritional benefits. The benefits of sweet tomato plant include:

  • Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes are loaded with vitamin C.
  • They are very low in calories and they are cholesterol-free.
  • The tomato cherry is packed with potassium.
  • The sweet 100 cherry tomato also provides folate and fiber.


Is the Sweet 100 tomato determinate or indeterminate?

The Sweet 100 tomato is an indeterminate tomato. This means that you will have a continuous harvest of fruits from this plant as long as the plants remain productive. A: You can see from the photos below that the plant has a bushy habit with a single main stem that branches off at ground level. The branching pattern and size of the plants are very similar to a determinate variety.

This is a typical indeterminate variety, with a habit of spreading out over time.

Where does this variety come from?

Sweet 100 tomatoes are not a new variety. They have been grown for hundreds of years, but they were only recently given their name because the sweetness of the fruit is the result of a mutation. There are many old varieties of tomatoes that are sweet and some are quite sour.

Sweet 100 is a heirloom tomato, meaning that it is a non-hybrid variety that has been around for many years.

weet 100 is a popular variety of tomato that has been grown in the U.S. for years. The original seedlings were developed in France and found to be particularly resistant to powdery mildew. They’ve since been propagated in many different locations, including the U.S., and are used by commercial farmers to grow high-quality tomatoes.

What does the sweet 100 tomato taste like?

The 100 is a very popular tomato. It has a sweet flavor that makes it a great addition to a pizza or pasta sauce.

Indeterminate tomatoes tend to be more flavorful than determinate tomatoes, and they tend to be more juicy than other varieties.

It has a very unique flavor. It is a great tasting fruit, even more so than the cherry tomato.

Sweet 100 is a tomato that is best eaten as fresh as possible. It has the most flavor and texture when it's picked ripe. It can also be stored for up to 3 weeks in a refrigerator.

Why are they popular?

There are many applications of sweet 100 tomatoes. You may use them in salad, soup or you can add them to your favorite dishes. They are a great source of nutrients and they are a low calorie food. The best thing about these fruits is that they are rich in vitamins and minerals. You can get this fruit from any supermarket. If you are not sure what to do with them, then you can make a smoothie.

Final Thoughts

So, we’ve pointed out that sweet cherry 100 tomato variety is indeterminate and not determinate. Therefore, they are vining plants that usually require supports such as caging or staking. They tend to produce massive branched clusters of fruits and each cluster can yield up to 100 cherry tomatoes.

The sweet 100 cherry tomatoes are warm weather-loving plants. Hence, they tend to flourish well in sunny spots.

This cherry tomato variety can be eaten raw while freshly picked from the vine, therefore, making them great for snaking and fresh salads. It can also be integrated into many different meals for a great tasting flavor. You can as well use this tomato to decorate your dishes to add up a pop of different colors.