Plum Tomatoes vs Roma Tomatoes

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Last Updated on April 8, 2022

Tomatoes are great a fruit that comes in so many varieties. Plum tomatoes and Roma tomatoes are two common varieties of tomatoes you can find. But is there really a difference between plum tomatoes vs Roma tomatoes? Let’s get some facts on this.

With so many different varieties of tomatoes available, having some insight into some of these tomato varieties will really go a long way. Getting to know their different features can even give you a better idea regarding how best to plant them, the best preparation methods for these tomato varieties, and so on.

In this article, we will be focusing on the differences between plum tomatoes vs Roma tomatoes. So, continue reading to gain some knowledge regarding this.

Roma vs Plum Tomato

So, regarding plum tomatoes vs Roma tomatoes, different questions may come to our minds. Questions such as: are Roma tomatoes similar to plum tomatoes? Do they have any tangible differences?

Well, the main difference between plum tomatoes vs Roma tomatoes is that Roma tomatoes are simply a type of plum tomato variety. Interesting right? Therefore, the plum tomato has different varieties and a Roma tomato is one of these varieties of plum tomato. This also means plum tomato has other varieties of tomatoes under which are different from Roma tomatoes. Roma tomatoes are just a popular type of plum tomato that falls under the plum tomato variety.

Roma vs Plum Tomato

Again, we can say Roma tomato is a type of plum tomato. However, not all plum tomatoes can be regarded as Roma tomatoes. Because Roma tomatoes are one of the most popular varieties of plum tomatoes, Roma and plum tomatoes are usually used interchangeably at grocery stores as well as the produce market.

Now there are other types of plum tomatoes variety apart from the popular Roma tomatoes. So, some of them include Amish Paste, Big Mama, San Marzano, and Ropreco Paste. Therefore, comparing plum tomatoes and Roma tomatoes isn’t necessary because Roma is simply a type of plum variety.

To further get a better understanding of plum tomatoes vs Roma tomatoes, let’s look into each of these tomato varieties.

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Some Info About Plum Tomato

Plum tomatoes are a pretty popular type of tomatoes and a widely cultivated tomato variety in America as well as Europe. This plum tomato variety is used for specific purposes such as tomato paste or tomato sauce.

Rather than having a round shape like every other tomato, the plum tomato has this unique oval to a cylindrical shape. The fruit size of plum tomato also differs depending on the variety.

You can have big, medium, or large-sized plum tomatoes. However, small-sized plum tomatoes are the most commonly found in the market because of their easy usage. But you can still find large or medium-sized varieties in the market.

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Also, the plum tomato has this very small variety that is similar to the size of a grape and it is often referred to as grape tomato.

Other types of plum tomato apart from Roma include Amish Paste, Big Mama, San Marzano, and Ropreco Paste. Roma and San Marzano tomatoes are the most common types of plum tomato varieties.

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How Is The Texture Of Plum Tomato?

Plum tomato tends to be pretty soft and tender on the outside. Then the inner part of the plum tomato contains fewer seeds and fewer seed compartments (usually around 2 compartments). They also have less liquid; therefore their content tends to be more concentrated. All these features make them an excellent choice for paste.

Again, when it comes to sauce, the concentrated content or flavor tends to improve the flavor and mouthfeel of the sauce. Because the tomato maintains and holds its shape very well, it can do well when canned to use in the future.

Some Info About Roma Tomatoes

Roma tomato also referred to as Italian plum tomato is a kind of plum tomato variety. The major growing parts of this tomato variety are the United States, Mexico, and Australia.

Found in the market popularly. This tomato variety has a pear or egg shape and the plum tomato fruit can come in red and yellow colors.

They are one plum variety that is very easy to cook with. This is because of their lower seed content, lower water content, and firm texture. These features allow this tomato to be easy to create lovely, tasty sauces and pastes.

Just like every other tomato, Roma is canned and made into a sauce as a preservation method. This encourages the longer shelf life of tomatoes. The smaller seed size and fewer numbers of seeds also promote the canning process that offers to prolong the shelf life.

Furthermore, some of the Roma tomatoes have been genetically enhanced to be resistant to some common diseases. These common diseases include verticillium and fusarium wilt.

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Are Roma Tomatoes Bigger Than Plum Tomatoes?

The question isn’t really a straightforward answer. As we’ve mentioned, both Roma and plum tomatoes can reasonably be regarded as the same tomatoes. All Roma tomatoes are under the plum tomato variety. However, not all plum tomatoes tend to be Roma tomatoes.

Therefore, plum tomato can come in different varieties and each of these tomato varieties has different sizes of tomatoes.

What Is The Difference Between Plum Tomatoes And Whole Tomatoes?

Plum tomatoes and whole tomatoes are quite similar. Plum tomatoes are basically whole tomatoes that are packed in the juice inside a can. These tomatoes have been peeled so they can remain skinless. However, all their seeds are still intact.

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Tomatoes fruits no matter the varieties are pretty versatile and they are most loved in different recipes in so many homes. We have looked into plum tomatoes vs Roma tomatoes to know if there are any differences between these two

We’ve discovered that Roma tomatoes are actually under the category of plum tomatoes. Hence, Roma tomatoes are a type of plum tomato variety.

Roma tomatoes are one of the most popular types of plum tomato you can find. This makes these two names (Roma and plum) to be used interchangeably especially at the grocery store and produce market. But now we have a good idea about what Roma and plum tomatoes are.

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