All About Monstera Acacoyaguensis And General Plant Care Tips

Monstera acacoyaguensis is a lovely plant that is characterized by its appealing oval, semi-leathery, and glossy green juvenile foliage. The plant looks lovely and it can even be one of your favorite amongst all your collection of plants.

The plant Monstera acacoyaguensis may be regarded as a rare plant but it isn’t as rare as Monstera Obliqua which is another variety of Monstera that is more rare. 

Information About Monstera Acacoyaguensi

If you have plans on introducing Monstera acacoyaguensis to your collection of plants, you will need to have some information on how to take care of this plant for it to flourish.

Care Tips For Monstera AcacoyaguensiS

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1.    Lightening 2.    Temperature 3.    Watering 4.    Soil 5.    Potting 6.    Fertilization

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