All About Monstera Acacoyaguensis And General Plant Care Tips

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Last Updated on April 22, 2022

Monstera acacoyaguensis is one uncommon tropical plant that is easy to grow. This plant is a trailing or climbing plant that is native to Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico.

Monstera acacoyaguensis is a lovely plant that is characterized by its appealing oval, semi-leathery, and glossy green juvenile foliage. The plant looks lovely and it can even be one of your favorite amongst all your collection of plants.

Now, if you’re new to this plant and you wish to know more about it, then this post will is for you. In this article, we will be educating you on the basic things you need to know about Monstera acacoyaguensis. We will also give you some great plant care tips for this lovely plant.

Information About Monstera Acacoyaguensis

Monstera acacoyaguensis is a type of tropical plant that is a subspecies of the Monstera adansonii. Hence, their full name is known to be Monstera adansonii acacoyaguensis. The plant originates from Central America and it thrives well in humid and warm conditions.

The plant Monstera acacoyaguensis may be regarded as a rare plant but it isn’t as rare as Monstera Obliqua which is another variety of Monstera that is more rare.

The plant is also referred to as the Swiss cheese plant due to its unique holes and patterns in their leaves and each of its leaves is just like an individual work of art. Once this plant matures, it tends to develop perforations.

Information About Monstera Acacoyaguensis

The plant is a climbing plant and once Monstera acacoyaguensis gets fuller, it tends to look messier. The plant of Monstera acacoyaguensis is native to rainforest.

The size of the Monstera acacoyaguensis plant is about 20 feet (5 m) high when they are outdoors in their native habitat. Then they can about 4 to 6 feet tall or even more when grown at home.

Monstera acacoyaguensis usually grow close together and intertwine their long aerial roots with neighboring plants then they form a lovely green mat on the floor of the forest.

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General Care Tips For Monstera Acacoyaguensis

If you have plans on introducing Monstera acacoyaguensis to your collection of plants, you will need to have some information on how to take care of this plant for it to flourish. So, below are some growing tips for Monstera acacoyaguensis plant:

1.    Lightening

The light requirement for Monstera acacoyaguensis is moderate. Provide the plant with an indirect light that is diffused or filtered. Take note that the plant can’t tolerate direct sun for too long hours on a regular basis or they will get scorched. This is why it is easy to grow them indoors.

So, when nurturing the plant indoors, you should provide the plant with indirect sunlight and bright light that is facing the east or west window. If there isn’t a natural light, you can make use of a grow light as it can stimulate outdoor sunlight.

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Take note that light is crucial to the growth of Monstera acacoyaguensis because it promotes photosynthesis that produces food for the plant.

The ideal light duration for the young plant of Monstera acacoyaguensis is 14 hours of light daily. Then once the plant matures, it can light duration of 10 hours per day is fine.

2.    Temperature

The plant Monstera acacoyaguensis is native to Central America and South America so they are accustomed to light even through the winter periods. The prevailing climate in their native region is warm and hot and this depends on the time of the year.

But the plant is usually covered by a forest canopy so it can be protected from intense heat. Notwithstanding, the plant still lives in a warm or even hot environment.

So, the appropriate temperature for Monstera acacoyaguensis is around 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. But it can still do well in temperatures around 55 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, this plant isn’t a cold-hardy plant. Hence, ensure you shield the plant away from chilly weather. So, take the plant away from cold months because it won’t survive winter.

Also, when placed indoors, ensure they aren’t close to anywhere around places such as air conditioners.

3.    Watering

Once the topsoil has dried out, you should water your Monstera acacoyaguensis plant. The plant likes to be watered thoroughly and if they are not watered properly, it can cause wilting, but avoid over-watering.

General Care Tips For Monstera Acacoyaguensis - Watering

4.    Soil

Use soil that can hold moisture and the soil should be rich in nutrients. An equal amount of peat moss, sand, and perlite can be used. You can also make use of just peat moss as your potting medium. The pH of the soil should be around 6.5.

To further improve the humidity of the soil, you can mix a little moss into your soil. However, ensure the root is not covered too much because the plant will need some air in its root system.

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5.    Potting

This plant growth rate isn’t slow or fast. The growth rate is somewhere in between. For this reason, repotting every 2 or 3 years may be required.

So, whenever you’re transplanting, ensure the new pot you will be using is a bit bigger than the old one.

Spring is the best period to re-pot Monstera acacoyaguensis because this will increase their chances of blooming and also provide healthy growth for new green leaves all through the year.

Furthermore, ensure the pot has adequate drainage holes for easy flow of excess water.

6.    Fertilization

The plant Monstera acacoyaguensis usually requires fertilization once per month. Fertilize only during their growing season (spring to summer).

Monstera Acacoyaguensis: Final Note

Monstera acacoyaguensis is one lovely plant that you can add to your collection of plants. They are mostly suitable for indoors and the plant is quite easy to grow and take care of.


Is Monstera Acacoyaguensis rare?

The plant of Monstera acacoyaguensis is considered rare but it is not as rare as Monstera Obliqua which is another variety of Monstera that is more rare.

How long does Monstera Acacoyaguensis take to mature?

The duration it takes for the adult plant of Monstera acacoyaguensis to mature is around 1 to 3 years. However, the exact growth of the plant can vary depending on its growing conditions.

Does Monstera Adansonii need direct sunlight?

Ideally, Monstera requires indirect sunlight. The plant will not do well if it has been exposed to direct sunlight for a long period because it can scorch the plant.

Do Monstera Adansonii like to be misted?

Yes, the plant likes to be misted because the humidity is a key requirement to its growth. Therefore, if you will be growing this plant indoors, ensure you provide good humidity to the plant by misting the leaves several times a week.

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