The Ultimate Care Guide To Growing Philodendron Thai Sunrise

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Last Updated on May 7, 2022

Philodendron Thai Sunrise is an interesting plant that is characterized by its lime green elongated leaves. Are you thinking of growing or adding this lovely plant to your collection? Then you should read this piece of information for the appropriate care guide for this plant.

This Philodendron variety stands out of over 470 varieties and is also very rare. This particular Philodendron, among collectors of uncommon and unusual plants, is in great demand.

Also, taking care of this plant requires some committed effort so that you can enjoy the plant. If this plant is deprived of sufficient care or maintenance, this unique and rare plant can result in wilting which will be such a pity thing.

The good news is that taking care of this variety of Philodendrons so far you provide them with adequate care. So, both new gardeners and gardeners with experience in growing flowers can comfortably cope with growing this plant.

This particular Philodendron variety, like most of the other varieties, will do well in a well-draining soil mix, indirect sunlight that is bright humidity of at least 50%.

So let’s go into details about how growing and caring for Philodendron Thai sunrise.

Philodendron Thai Sunrise: Quick Info About Them

Under the Philodendron family, the Thai sunrise is a variety that is rare. Its features consist of unique, uncommon leaves that are shiny, and have patterns that are lime green and magnificently dark.

Philodendron Thai sunrise can grow 3 feet high and 12 inches wide. The plant is a cold-hardy plant suitable under USA zones 9 to 11.

Philodendron Thai Sunrise - Quick Info About Them

The dark and lime green patterned leaves which are usually 7 to 10 inches long grow on the yellow stem. The unique and striking features give the plant a more pronounced look. Placing the plant close to bright lights will compel you to appreciate its exotic beauty.

However, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to keep this plant for a long time under the sunlight as it will only do well under filtered sunlight. The thing is that the plant has the tendency to sunburn if left under excess direct sunlight.

So, a location with shade would be a good spot for the plant to thrive well. However, a bright location will be the best to place for this plant in order for it to flourish well.

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Philodendron Thai Sunrise Plant Care Guide

This is the part you’ve probably been looking forward to, which is learning how to care for your rare and exotic philodendron variety. Your philodendron plant will keep flourishing and staying healthy if you can provide the required conditions below.

1.    Water Requirement

Philodendron Thai sunrise should ideally be watered only once in two weeks. Use stagnated and lukewarm water. This style of watering applies from spring to fall. Well, this is just like an idea of how the watering schedule should be, as the structure of every plant is wired in different ways with its specific needs.

These needs are based on the totality of the plant’s environment which is the plant or size of the pot, temperature of the room, and sunlight exposure. Hence, create a watering schedule for your plants based on the aforementioned factors.

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However, test for moisture in the soil, whenever you’re not certain as to when to water your plant, by dipping your finger in the soil. Water your plant if the top inch of the soil is dry. Endeavor to allow the soil to dry out slightly before watering it the next time. Watering during winter should be only two times a month.

2.    Light Requirement – Philodendron Thai Sunrise

Philodendrons Thai sunrise prefers light is bright and filtered light. The neon-yellow leaves will become more flourishing and appealing under the preferred type of light. The west or east window as well as a few distances from the south of your window are the best angle for nice preferred light.

Exposing your plant to direct sunlight can make it get sunburned quickly. Philodendrons Thai sunrise, in their natural environment, usually enjoy growing in an atmosphere of a bright shade of high tropical vegetation protecting the plants from direct sunlight.

Philodendrons Thai sunrise, unlike other varieties, requires more light so you should take note. This is because of the leave’s bright colors. If it’s being grown in shady spots, it will survive but its growth will be affected due to lack of light. Hence, the leaves will become smaller and less radiant.

3.    Soil Requirement

The Thai sunrise, like the many other members of philodendrons, prefers a type of soil that is rich in nutrients and also drains well. Moisture must not be retained in the surrounding of the root system.

Endeavor to a soil mixture that has been made for philodendrons. You can adopt homemade alternatives that can be made easier if a special soil mixture is not available. This will definitely help in supplying your philodendron plant with all it needs.

A standard substrate specifically for houseplants can be mixed with perlite or sand in equal measurements. You can also mix the all-purpose substrate, perlite, and peat moss. This way, your plants will be supplied with all the required nutrients and also let your Thai sunrise grow healthier and stronger.

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Additional Say – Philodendron Thai Sunrise

Philodendron Thai Sunrise is one stunning plant that is ideal for indoors and it can sit well close to your window where you can get the pleasure of this variegated plant. Just make sure the plant doesn’t get too much direct sunlight to avoid scorching the leaves.

So, this article has given you some guidelines on how you can successfully take care of your Philodendron Thai sunrise plant.


Is philodendron Thai Sunrise rare?

The plant Philodendron Thai sunrise is indeed a rare type of plant as they are one of the rarest philodendrons grown as of today.

Is Thai sunrise the same as golden goddess?

Thai sunrise isn’t the same as a golden goddess because the stripped leaves of Thai sunrise are not present in the golden goddess plant.

Is philodendron Thai Sunrise a climber?

Philodendron Thai Sunrise is indeed a climbing plant and it can be a great addition to any plant collection.

How much sunlight does a philodendron need?

The plant of Philodendron Thai sunrise needs bright indirect sunlight with a temperature of about 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Ensure you keep the plant away from direct sunlight because this can cause the plant leaves to burn.

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