All About Golden Goddess Philodendron And General Care For The Plant

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Last Updated on April 18, 2022

Golden goddess philodendron is one eye-catching houseplant you can grow. This mesmerizing plant is a climbing houseplant that has bold foliage that is pretty visible even across the room.

Golden goddess philodendron plant is a rare type of hybrid plant that was created in Thailand.  It is also regarded as Malay gold or lemon-lime philodendron. This plant is pretty easy to care for and it can usher in vibrancy and life to any home or indoor spot.

You can showcase this stunning plant on a tabletop or desk when they are in their small stage. Then you can relocate this plant to a floor planter once they mature.

We are all about the golden goddess philodendron in this post and we will also look into how you can easily care for this radiant plant.

Golden Goddess Philodendron: More Details About This Plant

Golden goddess philodendron is a vibrant-looking plant with bright yellow-green foliage. It is a climbing plant that is usually placed in a climbing spot and this plant can grow up to 6 feet or 2 meters.

When the plant of golden goddess philodendron is in its young stage, it can serve as a good choice for a desk or tabletop. Now when this plant grows over time with good care, it can grow at tall as 6 feet or even more, and it can grow to become a showpiece.

Golden Goddess Philodendron - More Details About This Plant

This plant is an epiphyte plant that flourishes well in warm and bright conditions. The plant prefers medium to bright indirect light. They are vigorous climbers and they may require some assistance to keep upright once they are reaching their maturity stage.

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Caring For Golden Goddess Philodendron

This wonderful glowing golden goddess philodendron is quite easy to grow and care for. So, the plant is a low-maintenance houseplant and can do well both indoors and outdoors.

Golden goddess philodendron is also a fast-growing plant and can do well with the help of trellis support as they attain maturity.

So, below are some general caring tips for the golden goddess philodendron:

1.    Light

Golden goddess philodendron plants flourish or grow well with light. However, the light shouldn’t be a direct light because direct light can cause sunburn to the plant.

Notwithstanding, this stunning plant can still do well with low light. However, it will delight you to know that when you position this plant in a bright spot with indirect sunlight, you can be mesmerized by the radiant yellow color it shows off when bright light hits the plant.

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2.    Watering

This plant thrives well in humid or damp soil but the plant doesn’t like to waterlog. So, maintain evenly moist soil, especially during the months of spring and summer. Also, note that the amount of water you provide this plant will vary depending on the temperature, light, and humidity.

However, a general rule is to check for the top 1 to 2 inches of the soil for complete dryness and water again.

If you’re making use of potting soil, ensure there are enough drainage holes so that excess water can flow out of the soil while you water the plant.

Also, note that this plant can still withstand being a little under-watered in case watering skips your mind. However, over-watering is not allowed because it can cause adverse effects on the plant.

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3.    Soil

Being an epiphyte plant, it requires a potting mix that is rich, airy, moist and well-draining soil. A good soil combination is equal parts indoor potting soil, perlite, and orchid bark. Then the plant can also benefit from the addition of bone meal or worm casting to the soil mixture.

4.    Humidity And Temperatures

A warm and humid condition is what the golden goddess plant wants. A humidity range between 25% to 49% levels is ideal for the plant to thrive well. However, if your home is dry, you may need to provide the plant with some extra humidity.

So, during the summer months, maintain moist air. Then during winter, if you have your heater on, note that this may cause your philodendron plant to dry out easily. So, make sure you mist the leaves when needed and you can use a humidifier if possible.

Then when it comes to temperature, a steady warm temperature between 65 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. The philodendron plant doesn’t do so well in chilly or low temperatures.

5.    Fertilization

The plant of the golden goddess can benefit a lot from fertilization, especially during its growing season which is the spring and summer months. A balanced fertilizer is recommended and this should be applied during watering periods.

Avoid over-fertilization because it can cause leaf tip curls and over-fertilization can also damage your plant.

6.    Trimming

This climbing plant can appear leggy so this will require some good trimming. Trimming also helps keep things tidy and maintain a good shape of your philodendron plant.

Make use of a clean sharp pruning shears or scissors and make any cut along the stem. We recommend trimming during spring or summer when the plant is in its active growing period.

Furthermore, the trimmed parts can make leaf and stem cutting for your neighbor, family, or, friends.  It can even make a nice present due to the scarcity of this unique plant.

Caring For Golden Goddess Philodendron

Final Say

This golden goddess philodendron can be a fascinating plant to have around you as they have this welcoming radiant glow. The plant is very easy to grow and take care of and we have given some tips on how you can take care of this plant.


Is Golden Goddess philodendron rare?

Yes, this stunning, radiant, and mesmerizing golden goddess philodendron is a rare type of hybrid plant that was created in Thailand.

How big does a philodendron golden goddess get?

Golden goddess philodendron can grow so big and can attain a height of up to 6 feet or even more. The plant is also a climbing plant that usually needs support as they mature.

Are philodendron golden goddess and lemon lime the same?

Both philodendron golden goddess and lemon lime can serve as house plants. However, they are not the same. The shape of the leaves of these two plants differs and philodendron (6 feet or more) tends to grow a little bigger than lemon lime plants (4 feet to 6 feet).

Can a golden goddess turn into a Thai sunrise?

It is not possible for the golden goddess philodendron to turn into a Thai sunrise. Although these two plants can appear similar but if you take a closer look, you will see they are different plants.

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