5 Ways On How To Propagate Rosemary 

There are several ways how to propagate rosemary that we will look at today to help us learn how to do it correctly.

Rosemary is one of the most common herbs that most gardeners love to grow. It is easy to grow and has good taste.  It does not require much space and can be grown anywhere.

It needs very little water and nutrients, but if you want it to produce more leaves, you will have to water it more often.  The leaves can be used for flavoring food or tea and for cleaning the house.  Rosemary also makes an attractive garden plant.

It is easy to grow and has many uses in the kitchen.  Some people even use rosemary as a herb in their cooking. You can dry the leaves and use them for tea, as well as for other purposes.  They are also good to dry and use for soap making.

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Several Ways To Propagate Rosemary

propagate rosemary in water

To propagate rosemary, we need to first understand what it is.  Rosemary is a perennial herb that grows from a root system.  There are several ways to propagate rosemary that include:

Growing the plant from seed

The most common way to propagate rosemary is by seed propagation.  Seeds are the easiest way to propagate rosemary because they are relatively quick to start and easy to get. Rosemary seeds germinate very quickly.  Once you have the seeds, you will be able to plant them in the garden.

Growing from cuttings

Rosemary can also be propagated by cutting.  Rosemary cuttings should be taken from plants that are at least one year old.  Rosemary cuttings will root easily in containers or soil and are easy to grow.  The cuttings will be ready for planting after 2-3 months.  Rosemary cuttings should be pruned off regularly to encourage new growth.

Growing by division

Division of the plant. Another way to propagate rosemary is by dividing the plant.  The main reason for propagating rosemary this way is because it allows you to maintain multiple plants in one area.

Transplanting the plant

This is probably the least preferred method of propagating rosemary.  Transplanting rosemary requires a lot of work.  The roots of the plant must be removed from the parent plant and planted in their container.


Rosemary can also be grafted onto other plants. Grafting allows you to take a branch of rosemary and graft it onto another plant.  The advantage of this is that you can have multiple varieties of rosemary growing in your garden.  This also means that you don’t have to worry about any diseases or pests.

The method you choose depends on where you live, what you have access to, and your personal preference.

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How To Propagate Rosemary From Cuttings?

Propagating rosemary from cuttings is easy.

There are several ways you can do this, and it depends on what you want to achieve. If you just want to keep some plants alive for the winter, or if you just want to grow more plants next year, then you will need to grow a cutting and take it into a propagator where it will root and grow into a new plant.  To grow rosemary from cutting,

Step 1: Prepare the cuttings

Take about 3cm of the tip of the stem.

Step 2: Water the cuttings

Propagate rosemary in water by placing the cuttings in the water and wait until they have softened. This could take up to a few days.

Step 3: Take the cuttings out of the water

Carefully remove the cuttings from the water, and place them in a tray of moist soil.

Step 4: Place the cuttings in a propagator

The best way is to place the cuttings in a propagator with a humidity tray. The cuttings should sit in the tray for around 6 weeks before planting them.

Step 5: Plant the rosemary cuttings

Once the cuttings are ready, take the cuttings out of the propagator.  You can plant the cuttings in a pot filled with compost, or you can plant them in a large container such as a garden or patio planter. You can also plant the cuttings directly into your garden.

Rosemary propagation is one of the easiest to do especially when you have a healthy rosemary plant.  The most important thing to consider is the way you prepare your cuttings so that they root easily and fast.  You can also propagate rosemary from grocery stores although most do not survive since they are tender shoots.

Final Words On How To Propagate Rosemary

There are many ways how to propagate rosemary as discussed above and all of them are successful.  Your choice of propagation method depends on the results you want to achieve and the amount of time you are giving your plant.

For example, if you want this low-maintenance plant with a nice aroma, you can let it grow from cuttings from a well-grown plant and plant them.  If you want more than one plant or a large number of plants, you should use either seeds or cuttings.  You can successfully propagate rosemary using cuttings because you will end up with many small plants.

If you plant from seed, you have to wait for these plants to grow before they produce leaves which is time-consuming.  When propagating seeds you can choose between sowing them in soil and using seed trays.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to grow rosemary from seed?

The simplest method for growing rosemary is from seed. This is recommended when you wish to establish a new plant in a pot or garden bed, or if you want to grow a rosemary hedge in your garden. Rosemary can be sown as soon as the soil has been warmed up. To sow, simply sprinkle seed evenly over the surface of a prepared bed and water well.

How to propagate rosemary from cutting?

A cutting taken from an established plant will root more quickly than seeds. Simply take a cutting, leave it in moist compost, and water well. The cuttings can be rooted in a single growing season. When they have reached about 30cm in height, divide them into individual plants.