In-depth Knowledge On What Ox Heart Tomatoes Is

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Last Updated on April 21, 2022

Ox heart tomatoes are characterized by their huge and fleshy fruits. This type of tomato variety may sound new to you or not. But ox heart tomatoes have been around for a very long time (almost a century).

Ox heart tomatoes are this type of versatile tomato variety that is similar to the beefsteak tomato variety. This tomato variety is quite easy to grow and it can take around 80 days for tomato fruits production. It is also a low-maintenance that can give rise to huge fruit.

If you’ve ever wondered what an ox heart tomato is all about, here is where you can get some good info about them. We will be discussing some information about this amazing tomato variety and more so continue reading for some insight on them.

Ox Heart Tomatoes: Some Info About Them  And Their Characteristics

Ox heart tomatoes come in big sizes and they have this pointed bottom that looks like a beef heart which is where their name is derived from. This unusual shape of ox heart tomato is a result of a mutation that causes their blossom end to become elongated. However, you may find that some are deep ribbed ox heart tomatoes.

Ox heart tomatoes are categorized to be under the group of beef tomato group and their fruit can weigh around 100 to over 1000 grams.

This tomato variety is from mid-season to late season. They have a close resemblance to beefsteak tomato and because of this reason, some gardeners may be looking at them as an alternative to the regular beefsteak tomato variety.

Ox Heart Tomatoes: Some Info About Them  And Their Characteristics

It’s been suggested that the ox heart tomato originated from Russia as this was where it’s been first mentioned towards the end of the 19th century. Then this ox heart tomato got to the United States where it has been widely cultivated till date. This tomato variety is also popular in France and Italy where their fruits are usually sold at the markets of farmers.

They are indeterminate and the majority of ox heart tomato comes in red or pink. However, you may still find some yellow, green, orange, or purple just like you can find in other types of tomatoes.

Just like in most beef tomatoes, the seeds contained in ox heart tomato are usually small. The majority of ox heart tomatoes are heirloom and the newer varieties are hybrid and these tend to yield sterile seeds.

The good thing is that if you’re able to find an heirloom ox heart tomato variety, then you can easily propagate your oxheart plant using their seeds.

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What Does Ox Heart Tomatoes Taste Like?

Ox heart tomatoes have this delightful aromatic sweet taste with a bit of acidic taste.

Once the fruit of the ox heart plant ripens, it usually turns soft quickly. Therefore, it is best you eat it as soon as possible or process the fruit soon once you’ve harvested them.

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Ox Heart Tomatoes

Some Of The Best Ox Heart Tomato Variety To Go For

There are many varieties of ox heart tomato. But here are some of the best varieties of ox heart tomatoes you can go for:

  • Orange Russian: this is one lovely ox heart tomato variety that is heart-shaped and orange-marbled. Their fruit can weigh up to 300 grams and they have this amazing taste that is fruity, sweet, and spicy. Also, this variety is best grown in a greenhouse.
  • Coeur de Boeuf: this ox heart variety is well-loved among growers and may even be one of the best known varieties of ox heart tomato. Their fruits form light red fruit with strong ribs. This variety of ox heart is from France and they ripen from the middle of July. They can grow as high as 200 cm and they are ideal for outdoor cultivation with a bit of protection from rain.
  • White Oxheart: this ox heart variety gives rise to light-yellow fruits and the plant can grow as tall as 200 cm. They usually do well and produce great in a greenhouse.
  • Anna Russian: this ox heart tomato variety yields large heart-shaped tomato fruits that changes to deep pink once they are matured or ripe.
  • Bulgarian Oxheart: this variety grows numerous pink heart-shaped tomato fruits during summer. The plant of this variety can grow as tall as 180 cm.

  • Hungarian Heart Tomato: this ox heart tomato variety originated from outside of Budapest Hungary, around 1900. They are characterized by their radiant reddish-pink tomato fruit and they can be almost a pound heavy. Their fruit is quite heavy and meaty just like every other ox heart tomato.

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Applications Of Ox Heart Tomatoes

Ox heart tomatoes are great to be used for slicing tomatoes in salads and sandwiches. They also work well when you incorporate them into soups and sauces.

If by any chance you end up harvesting more ox heart tomatoes than you can consume, these tomatoes are blessed with adequate flesh that makes them ideal for processing and canning.

But ox heart tomatoes aren’t pasted tomatoes. Hence, it might take longer for them to thicken into sauce or paste.

Again, thanks to their huge size, these tomatoes are great for stuffing and their scooped-out and meaty innards a nice to be used for sauce and or add to your dishes.

All in all, these huge ox heart tomatoes are wonderful flavor and versatile in the kitchen.

Applications Of Ox Heart Tomatoes

Conclusion On Ox Heart Tomatoes

We have seen that ox heart tomato is another type of tomato you can go for. Ox heart tomatoes are as huge as beefsteak tomatoes and we have given some in-depth knowledge on what this wonderful tomato variety is.


What does oxheart mean?

When we talk about oxheart, we are referring to a huge variety of sweet cherries. Then oxheart tomato is a type of tomato variety that is huge and fleshy.

What can I do with oxheart tomatoes?

Oxheart tomatoes are nice to be used in our different cooking such as soups and sauces. You can also use them in your sandwich and salads. So, you can enjoy the delightful flavor of oxheart tomato in your kitchen.

Is ox heart tomato heirloom?

Most varieties of ox heart tomatoes are heirloom then the newer varieties of ox heart tend to be hybrid that gives rise to sterile seeds.

Are oxheart tomatoes easy to grow?

Yes, oxheart tomatoes are pretty easy to grow and it is pretty easy to be successful at growing them. just ensure you provide them with full sun, proper watering, and fertile soil.

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