All You Need To Know About Garden Hose Size

It may look like all garden hoses should fit perfectly into any outdoor faucet, but this may not be true in some cases. However, you need to know that there are different sizes of garden hose fittings. So, it’s crucial you know the standard hose fitting size.

5/8 Diameter Hose: This is the most standard diameter found for a hose. ¾ And ½ Inch Diameter Hose: are smaller hose sizes that you can as well go for. You can also find another hose size such as a 1-inch hose. 

Garden Hose Size: What Is The Standard Size?

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Things To Consider When Choosing Garden Hose Size

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How To Measure A Hose Diameter

Measuring the hose diameter involves measuring the distance across inside your hose. So, to do this, simply use a ruler to measure across the inner part of the hose.

What’s The Ideal Length Of A Hose?

The length size of different hoses can range from 25 feet to 100 feet. However, the length you require will majorly depend on the size of your yard and its use.

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