All You Need To Know About Garden Hose Size

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Last Updated on May 31, 2022

A garden hose is a great tool that can be used for our outdoor needs such as watering our garden, watering the lawn, rinsing backyard equipment, or even washing our cars. But do you know the appropriate size for garden hose? Garden hose size needs to be gotten right so you can enjoy its use.

It may look like all garden hoses should fit perfectly into any outdoor faucet, but this may not be true in some cases. However, you need to know that there are different sizes of garden hose fittings. So, it’s crucial you know the standard hose fitting size.

Garden hose size will be discussed in this post and we will discuss how the various sizes work and many more.

Garden Hose Size: What Is The Standard Size?

A standard garden hose has 3 types of diameter sizes and they include:

  • 5/8 inch hose
  • ¾ inch hose
  • ½ inch hose
Garden Hose Size - What Is The Standard Size

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5/8 Diameter Hose

This is the most standard diameter found for a hose. 5/8 hose diameter is an all-round size that can suit your yard. This diameter hose size has a heavier flow of water so you should make effort to control the water flow using accessories such as a nozzle.

This hose size is as well great for washing your car. You can even use this hose to fill up your kid’s pool.

¾ And ½ Inch Diameter Hose

¾ and ½ are smaller hose sizes that you can as well go for. However, these hose sizes are smaller than the 5/8 diameter hose. These hose sizes are nice to be used for your container plants and basket plants.

The flow of water that these sizes of hose offer are moderate. This means you get a nice stream of water flow that won’t damage your delicate plant or even flood your yard. So, your lovely plants and flowers won’t be crushed by too much pressure from water flow.

Other Hose Size

Apart from this 5/8, ¾, and ½ inches hose diameter, you can also find another hose size such as a 1-inch hose. This type of hose is mostly utilized by professional gardeners. It is also used by those who use more water pressure washers and require a heavy-duty hose.

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Therefore, the water flow may be too much for home gardens. Hence, going for the standard hose size that suits your garden as the ones mentioned above is best.

Things To Consider When Choosing Garden Hose Size

Here are the following points to take note when it comes to choosing the right hose size that suits your needs:

  • Water Flow

Regarding these diameters, you should know that a bigger diameter will provide more flow of water. Then conversely, a lesser diameter will provide minimal water flow. So, when going for hose diameters, always consider how you want to use your hose and the preferred water flow.

  • Water Conservation

As we mentioned earlier, a bigger hose gives rise to a bigger flow of water. The usual flow of your hose gives is around 9 to 17 gallons per minute. So, if you wish to conserve water flow to get a lower water bill, then you should consider the diameter of water hose that will suit you.

  • Fittings

The fittings for the type of the hose should as well be considered. There are different types of fittings and they include aluminum fittings, metal fittings, brass fittings, or plastic. These fitting basically depend on your preference.

Things To Consider When Choosing Garden Hose Size - Fittings

How To Measure A Hose Diameter

Measuring the hose diameter involves measuring the distance across inside your hose. So, to do this, simply use a ruler to measure across the inner part of the hose. You can alternatively use a paper tube by putting it inside the opening and across the hose.

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What’s The Ideal Length Of A Hose?

Since we have a good understanding of the garden hose diameter size, let’s look into the length of the hose. The length size of different hoses can range from 25 feet to 100 feet. However, the length you require will majorly depend on the size of your yard and its use.

Here are some points to consider when choosing the length of your garden hose:

  • Consider if your yard is of a smaller size and you have a spigot in front and at the back of your yard.
  • How are your plants arranged? Are they spread out or all your plants are in one
  • You can as well consider obtaining a hose joiner and this is only if you need to use a longer length hose once in a while.

So, here are more points to take note if you want the ideal hose length for your garden:

  • For a bigger garden or if you have just one faucet on your property, you may go for length size ranging from 75 to 100 feet. The main issue is just that the hose will be heavier and you may have difficulty working your way through the hose length.
  • If you have a smaller garden, it’s best to go for a 25 or 50 feet hose. This way, it will be easier for you to coil the hose back and there won’t be too much twisting on you whenever you’re watering your garden.

Conclusion On Garden Hose Size

Now you know there are different sizes of garden hose. So, choosing the appropriate size to suit your garden need is crucial. If you get the size of your garden hose wrong, this may limit the smooth and easy flow of things when you make use of the hose.

Garden hose size has been deeply discussed in this post so we hope you’ve been properly enlightened on this.


What is the standard size of a garden hose?

The standard size of a garden hose includes half an inch, 5/8 inch, and 4/5 inch. You can also find a bigger diameter hose size that is up to 1 inch, but this is for heavy-duty use that is usually not suitable for garden.

Is a garden hose 3/4 inch?

The standard garden hose that is commonly used by gardeners is 5/8. However, a garden hose of ¾ inch can also be used especially for plants that don’t need too much water flow.

What’s the difference between 5/8 and 3/4 garden hose?

The difference between these two garden hose sizes is that 5/8 size offers water flow that is a bit heavy. Then ¾ garden hose offers a smaller water flow or pressure.

How do I know what size hose I need?

You should know the size of hose you need by looking at the demand of your garden. For instance, if your garden is small with few plants, you should go for a smaller size hose and vice versa.

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