Best Kelvin For Flowering

Choosing the best Kelvin for the flowering phase of plant growth is essential when it comes to hydroponic farming.

It’s no news that light is important for the growth of plants and you need to be aware of the accurate Kelvin for each of the plant stages. The light (be it sunlight or other types of light) is used for photosynthesis activities. 

Kelvin and Light Colors

As we mentioned earlier, the color temperature in bulbs is measured in Kelvin. Kelvin’s scale has tones of the red and orange light spectrum or warm white further down the scale.

Kelvin Scale

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Best Kelvin for Flowering Phase

From the Kelvin scale, the best Kelvin for the flowering phase is the red light spectrum otherwise known as cool white. This is the further end of the Kelvin scale and its required light for the flowering stage of the plant life cycle.  This type of light is low in energy and will enhance flowering and blooming.

The most common types of grow light used in the flowering phase are LED, high-intensity discharge light bulbs, and T5 light.

Types of Grow Light for Flowering

So, let’s take a look at some key points we listed above:

Summary on Best Kelvin for Flowering

-The best Kelvin for the flowering phase is 2,000 to 3,000. -The appropriate light colors for the flowering phase of your plant are the red and orange light tone spectrum.

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