Best Way To Cut Monstera To Help It Grow Healthier

One lovely plant you can add to your houseplant collection is the Monstera plant. This plant tends to grow very fast and in an aggressive manner. This is why pruning will be necessary.

The ideal period to trim houseplants such as Monstera is before the plant enters its growing season and when the plant is still dormant.  

When Is The Ideal Time To Trim Monstera Leaves?

The dormancy period for most houseplants begins to expire during early spring as the days begin to get longer and the temperature begins to rise.

When Is The Ideal Time To Trim Monstera Leaves?

During early spring the plant starts to come out of its dormancy state and this is the best time to trim your Monstera plant.

When Is The Ideal Time To Trim Monstera Leaves?

To trim Monstera leaves, trim off any old or diseased leaves that are at the base of the stem. Doing this will encourage the growth of your plant  

How do you trim small Monstera leaves?

Your Monstera leaves can have small leaves due to lack of nutrients, under-watering, low humidity, harsh temperature, and more.

Why is my Monstera producing small leaves?

If you want to have a bigger Monstera deliciosa leaves, then you need to supply this plant with enough sunlight.

How do you make Monstera deliciosa leaves bigger?

To encourage growth for your Monstera plant, you should aim to cut the internode which is at least two-inch below the node.

Where can I cut Monstera to encourage growth?

Pruning Monstera plant is one good step to ensuring your plant gets a healthy lifestyle.


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