How To Cut Off Small Monstera Leaves To Improve Its Look

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Last Updated on July 22, 2022

One lovely plant you can add to your houseplant collection is the Monstera plant. This plant tends to grow very fast and in an aggressive manner. This is why pruning will be necessary. Cut off small Monstera leaves so your plant can grow healthier.

Monstera is a tropical plant that is characterized by its fascinating foliage that has splits and holes. The plant is also known as Swiss Cheese plant and the plant is easy to care for so far you give it the appropriate growing conditions.

Monstera has this incredible growth so you will need to regularly trim the plant. Cut off small Monstera leaves and have your plant looking neat and healthy.

Cut Off Small Monstera Leaves To Help It Grow Healthier

When you cut off some part of Monstera leaves, it encourages the plant to grow optimally and look tidier. Cut off small Monstera leaves to help it grow healthier and enjoy the results.

Apart from trimming the Monstera plant to encourage growth, you can as well trim the plant for propagation. You just need to cut below a node when you pruning and aim to propagate.

Cut Off Small Monstera Leaves To Help It Grow Healthier

Let’s further look into how we can trim Monstera to encourage growth.

Propagating Monstera To Encourage Growth

Trimming Monstera plant has to be done the right way and this also depends on your goals. Aiming to control an overgrown Monstera is totally different from aiming to prune for growth encouragement. Propagation trimming also takes a different approach.

Below we have stated the methods you can prune your Monstera:

1.    Pruning To Get Rid Of Yellow Or Dying Leaves: Cut Off Small Monstera Leaves

When Monstera plant grows and matures, it results in older leaves turning yellow and dying off. This is no cause for concern. So, having a couple of yellowing leaves shouldn’t be an issue. However, when the yellow leaves are many, you may need to investigate further.

So, trimming off yellow leaves regularly helps maintain a clean and healthy plant.

Make sure you’re using a sharp knife or a sterilized clipper to cut the leaves at the main stem in the process of trimming your Monstera plant. Do this correctly by following the leaf stem back to the man branch and c clean cut should be done to remove it from your Monstera plant.

These trimmed parts should be thrown away in the trash or in a compost bin because they can’t be rooted as a new plant.

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2.    Pruning To Control An Overgrown Monstera Plant

Because this plant is a vigorous and fast grower, if you leave them unattended, they can grow in a wild manner. Therefore, you need to maintain and keep your Monstera plant tidy by trimming unruly vines and directing new growth in the direction you want.

Make sure you identify unruly vines before you commence trimming. When pruning, you should follow the vine back to the main stem and make a clean cut near them. But make sure you don’t damage or cut the stem.

You can use these cuttings for rooting or propagating your Monstera plant.

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3.    Pruning To Aim For Propagation

You can cut off small Monstera leaves or stem cuttings and propagate them. Then this cutting can be placed in a moist potting mix or in a vase of water. Just ensure the cutting has at least one node so they can root successfully.

Therefore, when you’re pruning Monstera for propagation, choose to ensure you’re selective of the cuttings you make. Choose the tip of the vine that has at least one or two healthy Monstera leaves attached to it. Then follow the stem back to the node. This node is the spot where all new growth takes place.

Use sharp and sterile cutting equipment to make a clean cut half an inch below the node. Make sure you don’t use a dull blade for your cuttings so you don’t bruise the stem and cause tissue damage to your plant.

Pruning Monstera To Aim For Propagation

4.    Pruning Of Root

When Monstera roots are pruned, it is done to inhibit their rapid growth and keep them in control. Even though this method may seem scary, it can be done easily if they are done the right way. So, this will enhance the health of your plant.

To prune the roots for controlling Monstera, simply remove the plant from the pot and examine the roots. You should notice one main root with having smaller lateral growth. Aim to cut back these lateral roots by one-third and the main root should be left intact.

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When Is The Ideal Time To Trim Monstera Leaves?

The ideal period to trim houseplants such as Monstera is before the plant enters its growing season and when the plant is still dormant. This dormant period is during winter when there is no sunlight so this prevents the plant from producing glucose that helps the continuation of growth. Hence, there is little to no growth during this period which makes the plant require little water.

The dormancy period for most houseplants begins to expire during early spring as the days begin to get longer and the temperature begins to rise. So, the plant starts to come out of its dormancy state and this is the best time to trim your Monstera plant.

This is because the plant is preparing to enter a period of high growth activity. This means that the plant will have an easier means of repairing any damage caused by trimming.


Pruning Monstera plant is one good step to ensuring your plant gets a healthy lifestyle. It gives Monstera plant a pleasant and neat look and it helps control any unruly growth.


How do you trim small Monstera leaves?

To trim Monstera leaves, trim off any old or diseased leaves that are at the base of the stem. Doing this will encourage the growth of your plant and it will also make your plant look healthier.

Why is my Monstera producing small leaves?

Your Monstera leaves can have small leaves due to lack of nutrients, under-watering, low humidity, harsh temperature, too much fertilization, and lack of light.

How do you make Monstera deliciosa leaves bigger?

If you want to have a bigger Monstera deliciosa leaves, then you need to supply this plant with enough sunlight. If the plant is deprived of sunlight, it can result in poor quality of leaves.

Where can I cut Monstera to encourage growth?

To encourage growth for your Monstera plant, you should aim to cut the internode which is at least two-inch below the node.

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