Can You Transplant Hydroponic Plants To Soil

Are you wondering if you can transplant your hydroponic plants to the soil? The straight-up answer is yes! You can definitely transplant your hydroponic plants into the dirt and we will teach you how to go about it successfully. 

Transplanting your hydroponic plants into the soil can be done from cuttings or seedlings. Small Rockwool starter plugs or rapid rooter plugs can as well ...

Transplanting Hydroponic Plants To Soil

To transplant your hydroponic into the soil, you first transplant it into a potting container. When they have grown and mastered the changes between ...

Steps On Transplanting Hydroponic Plants To Soil

Thick Brush Stroke

Step 1

Get the growing pot you want to use to transplant. Obtain a pot size that fits the size of your plant. If you are planting a big plant, you should obtain a big pot and the pot should be wide ...

Add your growing medium into the pot. Use a growing medium that has a buffer. You can make use of a potting soil mix that contains compost manure and some perlite.

Step 2

If you followed the right procedure, your plant should come out well. However, your transplanted plant may suffer from shock and it’s not a rare thing to occur. Not too worry. It’s most ...

Plant Shock

Transplanting hydroponic plants into the soil is really a practical process carried out by most growers. It might be somewhat tough to achieve especially for beginners, however, it’s worth the try.


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