Compost Tea Feeding Schedule

Compost tea constitutes a healthy sippy diet for your plants. As a gardener, you can convert your kitchen waste to a rich compost to improve both indoor and outdoor plants. With the right compost tea feeding schedule, you can provide your plants with all the nutrition they need to grow. Imagine not having to worry about your yield at the end of the growing season.

The simplest way to define compost tea is the result of soaking a bag of compost in water. You can imagine soaking your tea bag in a cup of boiling water; it is the same thing.

What is Compost Tea?

Making compost tea is as easy as diluting fresh compost mix in water. Introducing air in the mix improves the concentration of organic matter. Aerobic compost tea is rich in nutrition than with oxygen in the mix.

How to Make Compost Tea?

Thick Brush Stroke

Your compost tea should be ready for use from the third day after soaking it. For the best result, you should soak your compost for a week.  You will need to allow up to seven days for the compost to dissolve in water.

There are different methods you can adopt to apply compost tea to your plants. You have to try a few of the methods to find one that works well with you. The best way to apply compost tea is by:

Applying Compost Tea

The simplest way to apply compost tea is with the help of a foliar spray. Spraying your leaves with compost tea is a quick way to accelerate the nutrient supply to your plants.

Foliar Application

The type of compost used determines how rich the compost tea will be, so you must make use of compost with rich organic matter. You should be careful with the mineral concentration of your compost tea. Remember, too much nitrogen in your compost tea, for example, can burn your plants. You also want to avoid using chlorinated water for compost tea. You should also avoid adding slake lime to your water.


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