Deep Water Culture System Designs

Deep water culture system is one common type of hydroponics system among hydroponic growers. The design is not so difficult and the materials needed are accessible and won’t cost you much stress.

Deep water culture system designs are pretty easy to set up. What it takes to construct this system is so easy and it will be worth any hydroponics grower time. Now if you love to learn and create new things by putting them together, designing a deep water culture system will interest you.

Deep Water Culture System Designs Setup

1. Traditional Method: Attach the pump to the airline tubing and link the tubing to the airstone. Now put the airstone in the bucket and fill up the container with water.  2. Recirculating Deep Water Culture System: the recirculating DWC is great for both beginners and large scale.

Types of Deep Water Culture System Designs

3. Bubbleponics: the bubbleponics is similar to the common deep water culture system. However, it is only perfect for small plants that their root system isn’t long enough to reach the nutrient reservoir. 4. Kratky Method: the Kratky method is similar to the regular DWC but it just doesn’t make use of a water pump.

Types of Deep Water Culture System Designs

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As we have mentioned, deep water culture system designs are easy to construct and it offers a maximum yield of crops.  However, always have in mind that aeration is the key in deep water culture system designs.

DWC Hydroponics

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