Differences Between Long Beans and Green Beans

Beans are cooked in many different ways and they can be boiled, fried, baked, and so on. They are considered a vegetable and beans are highly nutritious. This vegetable has high fiber and starch contents and beans are a great source of dietary fiber and nutrients like potassium and folate.

Long beans are a really long bean and it is a type of beans that is also referred to as yardlong beans, pea beans, Chinese long beans, long-podded cowpea, snake beans,  Chinese long bean, and bora. 

Really Long Green Bean

Long Beans Health Benefit

These beans have minimal calorie content therefore it is great for those that are on a diet plan. Long beans are also loaded with good vitamins such as vitamin A and C. it is rich in dietary fiber that can aid in bowel movements in a healthy way so they can help resolve constipation.

Green Bean

Green is another type of bean that is common and it is the young fruit of different cultivars of the common beans. This bean can be referred to as string beans, snap beans, and French beans.

Green Beans Health Benefit

Antioxidants are present in green beans and this aids in enhancing your immune important for the production of collagen and they can assist in protecting your skin from oxidative can help with certain health conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, and so on.

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Brown Rice
Brown Rice
Brown Rice

Difference Between Long Beans And Green Bean

Can Green Bean Be Substituted With Long Beans?

Even though long beans and green beans look somewhat different, you can still substitute them with each other if you can’t find one of them. So, this means that long beans can do what regular green beans can.

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