Long Beans Vs Green Beans – Distinguishing These Beans

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Last Updated on April 1, 2022

Long beans vs green beans are what we will be discussing today. Beans generally are a type of staple food that is used in many traditional dishes all over the world.

Beans are cooked in many different ways and they can be boiled, fried, baked, and so on. They are considered a vegetable and beans are highly nutritious. This vegetable has high fiber and starch contents and beans are a great source of dietary fiber and nutrients like potassium and folate.

Now when we talk about beans generally, beans have many varieties. So, long beans and green beans are a type of beans variety. Long beans vs green beans are what we will be looking at in this post. So, read on for more insight on the differences between these two bean varieties.

But before we look into the difference between long beans and green beans, let’s briefly discuss what long beans vs green beans are.

Really Long Green Beans – What Are They?

Long beans are a really long bean and it is a type of beans that is also referred to as yardlong beans, pea beans, Chinese long beans, long-podded cowpea, snake beans,  Chinese long bean, and bora. Long beans or yardlong beans aren’t just called yard beans for nothing. They are capable of growing up to a yard.

This bean is a longtime or ancient vegetable and they have different wild varieties that grow in tropical Africa.

Long green beans have this extraordinary length and they appear to be overgrown in nature just like every other bean, they are from the family of legumes. This bean can be as long as 12 to 30 inches and from pale green to dark green and this can vary depending on the variety.

Really Long Green Beans - What Are They

Long Beans Health Benefits

These beans have minimal calorie content therefore it is great for those that are on a diet plan. Long beans are also loaded with good vitamins such as vitamin A and C. it is rich in dietary fiber that can aid in bowel movements in a healthy way so they can help resolve constipation.

Again, because it is a green bean vegetable, it may help in the role of fighting cancer and may even slow down aging.

The flavor of this distinctive long bean is very pronounced and they give this sharp beany taste. However, they are not so sweet as green beans.

This long bean can be briefly steamed, stir-fried, or braised. They can also hold up very well when they are added to stew. When you want to cook long beans, try to cut them into about 1 to 2 inches.

If you want the best flavor and tender texture of long beans, we recommend you go for the ones that are around 12 and 18 inches in length. Anything longer than this can prove to be tougher in texture.

Green Beans

Green is another type of bean that is common and it is the young fruit of different cultivars of the common beans. This bean can be referred to as string beans, snap beans, and French beans. This type of beans is also a leguminous plant. The yellow version of this bean is referred to as wax bean and there is also the purple variety.

Growers of this green bean usually harvest them while the bean is still in their pod right before they have the chance to mature.

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Green Beans Health Benefits

This green bean is a wonderful source of vitamin A, C, and K. It is loaded with folic acid and fiber and you can benefit from a decent amount of calcium present in the green bean. Antioxidants are present in green beans and this aids in enhancing your immune system.

Then green bean is important for the production of collagen and they can assist in protecting your skin from oxidative stress.

Also, consuming vegetables such as green beans can help minimize the risk of different adverse health conditions. Different studies have suggested that when you consume more plant foods like green beans; it can help with certain health conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, and so on.

Pregnant women can also benefit from green beans and women of child-bearing age can have their fertility boosted with green beans.

Additionally, vegetables such as green beans can promote a healthy complexion, increased energy, as well an overall lower weight.

Difference Between Long Beans And Green Beans

Even though long beans and green beans are from the same family of legumes, there are still some slight differences between them. Long beans vs green beans are what we will be discussing below.

  • Taste: The taste of green beans and long beans are a bit similar but green beans still have a better taste compared to long beans.
  • Texture: Green bean and long bean may taste similar. But they have this distinctive texture. Green beans for instance taste palatable when steamed or boiled. Long beans on the other hand usually become waterlogged and bland when treated with water.
  • Heat tolerance: Unlike green beans, long beans can also stand up to the heat of a stir-fry and a low long heat of a stew better as they will maintain their crunchiness.

Can Green Bean Be Substituted With Long Beans?

Even though long beans and green bans look somewhat different, you can still substitute them with each other if you can’t find one of them. So, this means that long beans can do what regular green beans can.

Long Beans Vs Green Beans: Conclusion

Both long beans and green beans are wonderful vegetables we can add to our various dishes. Long beans vs green beans have been explained in this post if you want to know the differences.


Can you substitute green beans for long beans?

Yes, it is possible to substitute green beans for long beans because long beans or yard bean can do what regular green bean does. So, you can enjoy either one of them by substituting them in your various cooking.

Do Chinese long beans taste like green beans?

Long beans may taste a bit similar to green beans, but you will still notice some differences in their taste. Chinese long beans tend to have this distinctive flavor and this beany taste. Also, Chinese long beans are not as great tasting as the green bean is.

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