Different Types Of Sweet Pepper List

Sweet peppers are more than just different colors of peppers. There are various types of sweet pepper that you may come across at various farmers’ markets or specialty stores. They give rise to mild heat and fruity flavor when used in different dishes.

Sweet peppers are one of the most famous, versatile, and packed with healthy nutrients. These sweet peppers can be easily added to various delicious dishes or they can simply be used as a standalone meal. They can be grilled, stuffed, or roasted. 

What Are Sweet Peppers?

There is no denying that the most commonly used pepper variety is the green bell pepper. These sweet bell peppers are commonly used in various dishes and they are preferred by people that don’t really like hot peppers.

The Sweet Bell Pepper Variety

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Other Types Of Sweet Peppers Varietie list

1.    Anaheim Chilies 2.    Cubanelle Pepper 3.    Sweet Cherry Pepper 4.    Banana Peppers 5.    Pepperoncini 6.    Poblano

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