Sweet Pepper Varieties List

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Last Updated on January 11, 2023

Sweet pepper varieties are one of the most popular members of the nightshade family. They come in different colors such as red, green, orange, and yellow. You may even find them in purple. So today, we will be looking at the sweet pepper varieties list you can enjoy.

Sweet peppers are more than just different colors of peppers. There are various types of sweet pepper that you may come across at various farmers’ markets or specialty stores. They give rise to mild heat and fruity flavor when used in different dishes.

These vibrant peppers come in different varieties and we will be discussing the sweet pepper varieties list. So continue reading to gain some knowledge.

What Are Sweet Peppers?

Sweet peppers are one of the most famous, versatile, and packed with healthy nutrients. These sweet peppers can be easily added to various delicious dishes or they can simply be used as a standalone meal. They can be grilled, stuffed, or roasted.

Sweet pepper is a type of pepper variety that will give rise to a mild heat, fruity, and sweet flavor. They can include banana pepper, bell pepper, and pimentos. They belong to the Capsicum genus together with habañeros, jalapeños, and paprika.

What Are Sweet Peppers

But how many types of sweet pepper varieties do we actually have? We will be sharing some of our favorite list of these sweet pepper varieties. So, let’s look into this.

The Sweet Bell Pepper Variety

There is no denying that the most commonly used pepper variety is the green bell pepper. These sweet bell peppers are commonly used in various dishes and they are preferred by people that don’t really like hot peppers. They come in various colors other than green and other colors include hued yellow, red, orange, or even purple.

But is there really any difference between these sweet bell pepper color varieties? Well, not entirely. They are all sweet peppers.

Green bell peppers are usually more affordable compared to other colored bell peppers. This is so because green peppers are harvested while they are unripe. When the sweet pepper fruits begin to ripen, this is when they change from green to multicolored peppers.

All these multicolored mild bell peppers will maintain their colors when cooked. But the purple sweet bell pepper variety changes to a bit of a muddy look when cooked. So it’s best to use the purple sweet bell pepper variety fresh.

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Other Types Of Sweet Peppers Varieties List

Sweet peppers are so versatile when it comes to incorporating them into various dishes. They are great for stuffing, grilling, as well as pickling. Below are some of the types of sweet pepper varieties list:

1.    Anaheim Chilies: Sweet Pepper Varieties List

The Anaheim chili is a dynamic mild green pepper. It is named after the city that made it popular which is Anaheim, California. These sweet peppers are mild in flavor and heat. Their appearance is sharp and bright crunch when raw and they have this mellow sweetness when roasted.

This sweet pepper is big enough to be used in stuffed pepper dishes such as Chile Rellenos. Anaheim sweet pepper has a dynamic flavor that can work as an alternative to bell peppers for the recipe that requires little heat such as paella or jambalaya.

2.    Cubanelle Pepper

The cubanelle pepper is another type of sweet pepper also known as Italian frying pepper or sweet Italian long pepper. These peppers appear pale green. However, if left to mature, they will become dark and turn red.

This pepper has mild heat and has mellow honey mixed with pepper flavor. Cubanelle peppers are used in various dishes and can be sliced, roasted, or fried in olive oil. They can also be integrated with Italian cured meats to make a sandwich.

Cubanelle Pepper

3.    Sweet Cherry Pepper

Sweet cherry peppers are known for their spicy flavor. They are tiny but they are packed with great flavor that is condensing. They resemble a mini sweet bell pepper and they are also known as sweet red pepper. These cherry peppers are ideal for slicing or pickling and can be integrated into sandwiches or salads.

They can also be roasted or charred. When their skin is charred, it results in a deep, earthy sweetness. They also taste delicious when eaten raw or as a snack.

4.    Banana Peppers

The banana peppers are also known as yellow max peppers, Hungarian sweets pepper, or banana chiles. These types of sweet peppers are the milder type that comes in shades of bright yellow to pale green. Their skin appears smooth and they have a long even shape that looks like a banana.

Banana peppers are usually sliced and pickled into banana rings or they can simply be left whole and stuffed for antipasti.

5.    Pepperoncini

Pepperoncini is also known as a dash of sweet Italian pepper and is most related to Tuscany. They are a slightly sweeter variety. Their skin appears to be a bit wrinkled and they grow in a crimped, folded shape.

This sweet pepper is mostly used as pickling and is perfect for heat on a dish like pizza.

6.    Poblano

Poblano pepper originates from the state of Puebla, Mexico, and is used as an ingredient in Mexican cuisines. They are mild chili pepper and will give that bold flavor to your meal.

This sweet pepper can be stuffed fresh or simply roasted and it’s known for its role as a vehicle for Chile Rellenos. Poblano also makes a perfect addition to guacamole soup.


What is the variety of sweet pepper?

The variety of sweet pepper includes bell peppers, pimentos, jalapeños and many others. The bell pepper is an important fruit crop worldwide. It is also known as the garden pepper because it can be grown in home gardens or commercial greenhouses. There are thousands of varieties of sweet peppers and all of them have a unique taste, color, and texture. Bell peppers, for example, come in many different colors and are usually round and smooth.

Other types include the pimento, banana, or cayenne pepper. There are also a few varieties that have been bred for specific uses, like hot peppers for cooking or jalapeño peppers for eating raw.

The two main types of sweet pepper are the bell and chile pepper. Bell peppers are sweeter than chile peppers and have more sugar content in them.

They range in size from about 2 inches long to over 5 inches long. The color of the pepper depends on the variety. Some varieties are orange, yellow, red, brown, white, purple or black. Sweet peppers are available year-round although they are most common during the summer and early fall.

How do sweet peppers grow best?

Growing sweet peppers is simple. Sweet peppers require fertile soil and lots of sunshine. They grow best when temperatures are between 65°F and 85°F and daytime humidity is between 30% and 50%. In warm climates they can survive temperatures up to 95°F but they will not grow as well. Sweet peppers need a lot of water. They grow best when the soil is moist but not wet. The leaves should be kept clean and free of debris so that the plant can absorb enough light. Sweet peppers do best in full sun but they can tolerate some shade. A single sweet pepper plant produces about 1 pound of fruit.

What is the best variety of sweet pepper for cooking?

Stemless bell peppers are available in a wide variety of colors and flavors. There are many different types, including green bell peppers, red bell peppers, yellow bell peppers, orange bell peppers, and white bell peppers. Green Bell Peppers These small green peppers can be used in most dishes. They have a mild flavor and are not as hot as red or yellow bell peppers.

What is the sweetest sweet pepper?

The sweetest type of pepper is the red pepper, which you may have already noticed as it is used very commonly in different recipes.

It is used wonderfully in pizza, kebabs and even with eggs as a part of a savory breakfast.

Conclusion On Sweet Pepper Varieties List

Sweet peppers come in different varieties and are ideal for various dishes. They are dynamic to be used in various cuisines and will offer you healthy food production. You can go through our sweet pepper varieties list to know which best suits your dish.

There are so many easy methods to incorporate these varieties of sweet pepper. This sweet pepper can also be used as a standalone meal and can be grilled, roasted, or stuffed. You can go through our sweet pepper varieties list to know which best suits your dish.

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