Tips To Successfully Starting A Microgreen Business

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Last Updated on October 30, 2022

Alright, now you’re considering starting up a microgreen business and you’re wondering how to go about it. You might be thinking how do you start, how much can you make, what steps to take, or what does it take to do it right?

Right here we have put together tips on how to successfully start a microgreen business.

One of the most lucrative crops you can grow is microgreens. You can grow them in a minimal space and you can sell them for $50 per pound or even more. With a space as small as your garage or your basement, you can project whooping 6 figures revenue yearly! Isn’t that awesome?

Starting A Microgreen Business

Starting up a microgreen business is not rocket science. It is totally easy with the right knowledge. The cost of establishing a microgreen business is minimal and the rate at which they grow is pretty fast. With about $100, you can kick start the microgreen business.

It takes only a few weeks to harvest microgreens therefore sales will keep rolling up in just a couple of weeks. Harvest will even be two times faster if you decide to grow microgreens hydroponically.

But mind you, everything is not that simple. You might face a few challenges climate, location, pest or crop diseases, etc. But with proper planning and following the right procedures, you are good to go.

Tips To Successfully Starting A Microgreen Business

Below are some tips to follow when it comes to starting a microgreen business:

1. Will my Business Succeed?

Even before starting a microgreen business, you should make some researches. Know if your business will stand a chance of excelling.  Business is not for everyone so you need to know if you are prepared and capable of venturing into one. Factor in things such as time, consistency, and willingness to learn. Do you have enough time for this business and will you be persistent enough to survive this business?

2. Get to Know your Market and Environment

Another important step is to know your market and your environment. Is there a high demand for microgreens in your area? Will microgreen business be profitable in my area? No business will thrive if you don’t have a target audience or customers that are willing to purchase from you.

Get to Know your Market and Environment

So research finding people who are interested in buying microgreens. You can simply start with a single channel if you want and add more channels later. Let’s take a look at some different sales channels you can consider.

  • Residential or Direct Customers: you can do a direct door to door sale of your microgreens.
  • Restaurant Chefs: you can also sell your microgreens to chefs. You can target local restaurant chefs in your area. You can start by giving them a sample of your microgreens to try them out.
  • Grocery Store: as part of the research you have made for your target customers, some can be a grocery store. Meeting up with your local grocery store to sell your microgreens for you will be a good idea. It will even be better if customers are interested in having microgreens locally.
  • Farmers: the market of the farmers around you can be added to the places you can sell your microgreens. Farmer’s market is one profitable place to sell especially when you’re the only one selling microgreens at your local market.

3. Divide Tasks

Now, of course, you will need some helping hands. You can decide to divide tasks to make work easier and faster. For example, you can divide and share growing and selling tasks.

Material Needed for Starting a Microgreen Business

Let’s take a look at some things you will need to start a microgreen business.

Durolux t5 Ho Grow Light

Starting a Microgreen Business - Material Needed


How do I start a Microgreen business?

Benefits of Starting a Microgreen

Business Microgreens offer several benefits over traditional, mass produced produce. Some of the benefits include: You’ll be able to use all your excess produce from your home garden. It’s easier to grow your own produce than it is to purchase produce from a large grocery store.

If you are looking to start a microgreen business, you’ll need to consider your microgreens and grow them in the most efficient way possible. You will also need to have a plan for distribution. What is a microgreen? A microgreen is a small, young vegetable or herb that is grown in a nursery-style environment using hydroponics. The plants are grown in small trays that contain nutrient solution that is pumped through the trays.

It’s important to know that this process is not quick or easy. However, the rewards are huge! If you’re looking for a way to make money while helping your community, then a microgreen business could be perfect for you.

 A microgreen business is simply a small-scale, locally grown food business that sells produce to customers. The produce is grown in local gardens, rooftop gardens, or on urban rooftops. Microgreens are simply sprouted greens such as broccoli and kale that can be harvested when they’re just a few weeks old. They’re typically sold raw and unprocessed, but can be pickled, marinated, juiced, or cooked.

Are they popular?

A microgreen business is a small, local business that sells only produce that has been grown or raised at a certain location. These types of businesses are becoming increasingly popular as more consumers are seeking out fresh, locally-sourced foods.

The popularity of microgreens has increased rapidly in recent years. The reason for this is simple: they are easy to grow and they provide a healthy alternative to processed foods. They are a great way to introduce yourself into the food industry and get your green thumb on without having to commit to a large investment. They also offer some fantastic benefits for you as a business owner, including being able to work from anywhere you want. The best microgreen business ideas are based on the type of products you enjoy growing. Growing flowers or herbs is one of the easiest ways to start a microgreen business.

s microgreens a good business?

Microgreens are a very niche market, but they are definitely something that people like to eat. In addition to being in the top ten most consumed food items in the United States, according to the USDA, they’re also one of the fastest growing. Microgreens are tiny sprouts that can be grown indoors or out, and they’re available in a variety of flavors, colors, and sizes.

Additional Information

To maximize the yield of your microgreen production, you can opt for growing them with a hydroponic system. More so, you can choose a vertical hydroponic system to maximize yield if you are having issues with space.  Vertical hydroponics will result in greater yield with just some minimal space.

Also with hydroponics, you don’t have to worry about weather conditions. This is because you can grow your microgreens indoors in a controlled space and enjoy abundant yield all year round.

Growing microgreens is the easiest part. However, selling your microgreens is the main success of this business: because what’s a business without profit?

Preferably, selling 85% to 90% of your microgreen should be your aim if you really want to make some profit. Just follow our tips diligently and we do wish you well in your microgreen business endeavor.

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