6 Best Flowers For Aquaponics

6 Best Flowers For Aquaponics

Who doesn’t love the auspicious therapeutic nature of growing flowers in their home or garden? Now imagine growing them in a controlled space such as aquaponics. It might not be so easy choosing the best flowers for aquaponics especially with so many good options that can fit your system.

This is why we have put together the 6 best flowers you can consider growing in your aquaponics. So read on to know your best pick.

Fruits and vegetables are not the only things you can grow in your aquaponics; flowers are also a good choice for aquaponics. Be it roses, tulips, dandelions, etc. growing these flowers with aquaponics are pretty easy and fun.

6 Best Flowers For Aquaponics

Aquaponics makes use of a closed ecosystem between fish and plants. The fish excrete that serves as a nutrient solution for the plants is purified by these plants and used again by the fish.

Growing flowers with aquaponics will be great and exciting. So, here are the following promising flowers for aquaponics:

1.    Roses

Roses are one of the most popular flowers and they are well-loved plant and a delight to have around. They have this terrific scented vibe associated with romance and love.

Best Flowers For Aquaponics - Roses

When it comes to choosing the aquaponics technique for your roses, the most frequently used aquaponics procedure for roses is the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT). However, the grow bed and floating raft system is also a good choice for you. Roses need adequate lights or put them where they can get full sun.

Be wary of black spot and powdery mildew when growing roses.

2.    Sunflower

Sunflower is a happy flower that will brighten up your day with its yellow blooms. It is another great option to grow in aquaponics. You can grow sunflower in your aquaponics without any need for fertilizers or pesticides.

The most common aquaponics used for sunflowers is media beds or floating rafts. This is because support is needed as they are capable of growing tall.

As the name implies, the sunflower will do well in adequate sunlight.

3.    Marigold

The colorful marigold is a beneficial flower to grow in your aquaponics. They can serve as cover crops that help protects your plants from unwanted pests. They will also allure beneficial insects to your plants.

You can grow marigold in a Nutrient Film Technique or media grow beds. Marigold also does well in full sun.

Best Flowers For Aquaponics - Marigold

4.    Pansies

The large-flowered pansies are another great flower you can add to your aquaponics flower lists. They are edible flowers and great for beginners because they don’t require too much care.

Pansies do well in cooler weather but you can subject them to partial sun. You can expose them to the early morning sun but protect them from the pressure of too hot sun.

5.    Water Hyacinth

Water hyacinth is a perfect addition to an aquaponics system. It is an aquatic plant that will be great for purifying your fish water. It is great at clearing algae as well as cleaning the water for your fish and plants.

Although it is an invasive plant because it grows fast and aggressively, you can solve this issue by using the raft system to control its growth.

6.    Nasturtium

Nasturtium is another great flowering plant for your aquaponics system. They are also helpful in repelling garden pests such as cucumber beetles and squash bugs. For this reason, they are great for planting side by side with tomatoes and cucumbers.

They also serve as trap crops by attracting pests such as aphids. They will entice these pests away from your main crops, thereby serving as a sacrificial plant.

Their flowers and leaves are also edible and they can be added to your culinary list. Nasturtium grows very fast so you can expect its seeds to begin germination within 7 to 10 days. They will do well in an environment with minimal heat stress.

Advantages Of Growing Aquaponics Flowers

The addition of flowers to your home or garden mixed with their vibrant color will add a touch of scent to your environment. You can enjoy various benefits from growing flowers with hydroponics.

  • Pest Control: they can serve as companion plants for pest management.
  • Culinary Utilization: a lot of flowers are edible, therefore they serve as culinary applications.
  • Aesthetic Reasons: flowers are best known for their aesthetic nature. They will add their artistic beauty to your environment as well as boosting the look of your aquaponics garden.

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Final Say- Aquaponic Flowers

Most flowers can flourish in an aquaponics system. However, we have made some best picks for you in case you are confused about which flower to pick from the many varieties to choose from.  So, you can decide which will be your best pick.