Everything About Monstera Leaves - How To Trim Monstera leaves

Monstera is a tropical plant that is characterized by its fascinating foliage that has splits and holes. The plant is also known as Swiss Cheese plant and the plant is easy to care for so far you give it the appropriate growing conditions....

When you cut off some part of Monstera leaves, it encourages the plant to grow optimally and look tidier,  helping it grow healthier and enjoy the results.

Cut Off Small Monstera Leave

Thick Brush Stroke


1.    Pruning To Get Rid Of Yellow Or Dying Leave 2.    Pruning To Control An Overgrown 3.    Pruning To Aim For Propagation 4.    Pruning Of Root

The ideal period to trim houseplants such as Monstera is before the plant enters its growing season and when the plant is still dormant. This dormant period is during winter when there is no sunlight.....

When Is The Ideal Time To Trim

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