Find Out How To Grow Your Own Hatch Chiles

If you’re a fan of Hatch green chiles and you wish to learn how to grow this great-tasting pepper, then this is it. So, continue reading to gain some knowledge about growing Hatch chiles pepper, the uses or application of this pepper, and so on. The good thing about growing the Hatch chiles pepper is that it can be grown in other states or areas apart from the Hatch region in New Mexico.

Hatch chiles pepper is a staple to New Mexico in which most people love to make use of in their various dishes. It offers this smoky and tasty flavor you can’t resist.  

A Little About The Hatch Chile Plant

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Green Chile Plant

1.    The Long And Warm Growing Season For Hatch Chiles Pepper 2.  Provide Air Circulation To Sprouted Seeds 3.  Hardening Off Your Hatch Chiles Pepper

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Green Chile Plant

4.    Watering Needs 5.    Fertilization With Compost

Harvesting of Hatch chiles pepper is typically done in August and September each year. However, the season can be prolonged for just a couple of weeks on either side and this will majorly depend on the weather.

Harvesting Hatch Green Chile Plant

Hatch chiles have this earthy flavor. They have a similar flavor to Anaheim chili pepper. When they are eaten raw, they will offer you this crispy, spicy flavor, and a slight pungency that is similar to an onion.

What Does Hatch Chiles Taste Like?

-Hatch chiles are particularly used in various dishes in New Mexico. -They can be used in making sauce, stews, and soups.  -Furthermore, they are pretty popular when it comes to making stuffed peppers.


-The Hatch chiles pepper can as well be eaten raw as it will offer a crisp, spicy flavor with a nice pungency that is similar to an onion. -Using this pepper fresh is pretty great for various dishes.


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