Grow Room Size Per Plant

One of the first points to put in mind when commencing indoor hydroponic farming is the size of your grow room. This is important so you can determine the right grow room size per plant and carefully plan and work on your grow space to maximize yield.

Before we dive into grow room size per plant, let’s get to know the requirements. Some factors will determine how to choose the grow room size per plant. Let’s take a look at some of these factors:

Requirements To Consider

Plant Size: Now, when it comes to plants, knowing the plant size is another factor to consider when growing in a particular room space.


Spacing: Another factor is spacing requirements. While there are plants that require give planting space and failure to do so can cause poor growth and health of the plant.

Talking about the recommended grow room size per plant, let’s take a look at this using a grow room of size 10 x 10 (i.e 10 feet by 10). A 10 x 10 room size equals 100 square foot room.

Grow Space Room Size Per Plant

Many hydroponic growers especially newbies usually wish to plan the number of plants they want to grow and select the appropriate ...

Using Grow Tent To Determine The Grow Room Size For Plants

Determining the appropriate grow room size per plant is very crucial when it comes to indoor hydroponics. 

Importance Of Determining The Appropriate Grow Room Size

With that said, we hope you have picked one or two things on how to choose the right grow room size for your hydroponic indoor garden. Happy growing!

Final Say

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