How Big Should Net Pots Be?

Net pots come in different sizes which means not all of them are made the same way. For this reason, it is important you select the appropriate size that will suit your plant’s growing needs. So, we will be answering what size of net pots to use for your hydroponic system.

Net pots are mini plastic pots made to have a net framework and they are mostly used in hydroponic systems. They are used to support the different plants in a hydroponic system. 

What Are Net Pots?

The major sizes you may come across are 2, 3, 3.75, 5, and 6 inches net pot size. In order to choose the accurate net pot size, the first and most important thing is to consider the size of the plant you will be growing.

What Size Net Pots To Use For Hydroponic

You should choose net pot size that the holes are narrow rather than wide. This is so your grow medium does not slip through any of these holes and into your system.

Use Narrow Net Pot Size

Some net pot comes with a couple of lips while others come with many lips. Always purchase net pots that have more lips or cracks. This will help hold your plants upright (especially heavy plants).

Use Net Pot With More Lip

Net pot lids are also important because they will help shield light from entering into your grow medium. Net pot lids are safe to use and they will not block light from reaching your plants.

Net Pot Lid

Thick Brush Stroke

How To Use Net Pot

- You select the plant or seedling you wish to grow.  - You fill the bottom of the net cup with your preferred growing medium. 

Thick Brush Stroke

How To Use Net Pot

- Then you can fit in your rockwool cube with the plant.  - Put your net pots inside your hydroponic system and watch your plant grow. 

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