What Size Net Pots To Use

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Last Updated on January 11, 2023

What size of net pots to use in your hydroponic system may be one question bothering your mind. Not too worry because we’ve got the answer for you here.

Growing with net pot is one crucial part in your hydroponics. Net pots will help support your plant as well as keeping the grow medium from clogging your system.

Net pots come in different sizes which means not all of them are made the same way. For this reason, it is important you select the appropriate size that will suit your plant’s growing needs. So, this is why we will be answering what size of net pots to use for your hydroponic system.

What Are Net Pots?

Net pots are mini plastic pots made to have a net framework and they are mostly used in hydroponic systems. They are used to support the different plants in a hydroponic system and they are made from a firm plastic mesh. They will also help with drainage and good airflow in your hydroponics system.

You can use net pots with or without growing media. With growing media, you can use rockwool, Hydroton pebbles, coco peat, and even soil.

Net pots will allow you to move or relocate your plants comfortably without causing any damages. These net pots are mostly reusable and can be used to grow different plants in a hydroponic system.

What Are Net Pots

What Size Net Pots To Use For Hydroponics

The size of your net pot matters in hydroponics. if you get the wrong net pot size, it can hinder the growth of your plants. Various net pot sizes are available for purchase with different shapes and sizes.

The major sizes you may come across are 2, 3, 3.75, 5, and 6 inches net pot size. In order to choose the accurate net pot size, the first and most important thing is to consider the size of the plant you will be growing. Also, take account of how the plants’ full size and weight will be when they reach harvest time.

Small plants and leafy greens will fit into small net pots. While bigger or heavier plants will fit bigger net pots and the bigger net pot will provide a bigger base to support your plants. Bigger net pots will as well hold your grow medium.

The net pot size for some plants such as pepper and squash is 4 to 6 inches net cup. While the net pot size for lettuce is 2 inch net cup. If you can obtain a 1 and a half inch net cup for lettuce, that will be great. Other small herbs can also use 2 inch net cups.

GROWNEER 25 Packs 3 Inch Net Cups Slotted Mesh Wide Lip

Use Narrow Net Pot Sizes

You should choose net pot size that the holes are narrow rather than wide. This is so your grow medium does not slip through any of these holes and into your system. If too much grow medium slips through the holes, they start to reduce and your plant does not get enough anchor that can hold them steady.

Therefore, choosing a narrow net pot cracks will not only hold your grow medium better, but it will also provide adequate base support to hold your plant steady.

Use Net Pot With More Lips

Some net pot comes with a couple of lips while others come with many lips. Always purchase net pots that have more lips or cracks. This will help hold your plants upright (especially heavy plants).

If you make use of a net pot with few lips, when your plants become heavy they are more likely to tip over into your system.

The root ball of your plants will sit at the base of your net pots: while the roots will come out at the lips on the sides of your net pots. The net pots are usually hanged into the nutrient solution or they simply get misted by the water solution.

Use Net Pot With More Lips

However, if you’re using a NFT system where water will have to flow and pass the root, then your root should come out below the net cups. This is important for your plant to thrive when using the NFT system.

Net Pot Lids

When shopping for net pots, you should also add net pot lids to your list. Net pot lids are also important because they will help shield light from entering into your grow medium. Net pot lids are safe to use and they will not block light from reaching your plants.

If light enters your grow medium that is already moist from nutrient solution, it can cause algae growth. So, to prevent this, use net pot lids.

If you’re gardening outdoor, net pot lids will as well prevent debris and rain from entering your hydroponics system.

How To Use Net Pot

Using net pot is really easy. Follow this procedure to use your net pot to grow your plants:

  • First, you select the plant or seedling you wish to grow and choose the appropriate net pot size for them.
  • Next, you fill the bottom of the net cup with your preferred growing medium. You can fill the grow medium halfway or just a little halfway.
  • Then you can fit in your rockwool cube with the plant. Ensure your grow medium surrounds the plant so your plant can sit upright and prevent light from entering the sides.
  • Put your net pots inside your hydroponic system and watch your plant grow. As the root grows, they will grow out the net potholes.


What size net pots do I need?

Net pots are generally used for growing seedlings and small plants. They are the same size as the planting tray they are placed in. Most seedlings require a net pot that is no more than two inches deep. The deeper the pot, the better it will be able to support the root system of the plant. 

When the seedling has reached about 6-8 inches tall, the net pot can be removed.

Most garden centres sell plastic net pots. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colours, and they're cheap

How do you plant net pots?

Planting a net pot is much easier than planting a regular container. The only thing you need to do is cut the pot in half lengthwise. Plant the halves in a hole in the ground and fill with soil. If you are not going to plant your net pots directly into the ground, you can use a special potting soil called "potting mix" or "soil mix". You can find these in garden stores.
Net pots work best when they are planted deep enough to hold a large amount of soil. This way, your roots won't be able to go into the air and get tangled up with other plants' roots. If you don't plant your net pots deep enough, it's possible that weeds could grow up through the holes in the bottom. In this case, try to put holes in the bottom of the net pots or place them on top of some sort of weed barrier.
When using potting soil, make sure it's a good quality soil.

The soil should be moist but not soggy. If they dry out too much, it'll cause root rot.

Why net pots are used?

Net pots have a very specific purpose, which is to create a micro-climate around the plants. Plants require specific conditions for their survival and growth. These conditions include temperature, moisture, light, humidity, air circulation, and air movement. When you have a large amount of plants inside your home or office, it is impossible to provide all these conditions at once. For this reason, it is necessary to use pots with a lid.

These lids act as a container to keep the moisture in place and prevent evaporation. There are many different types of pots available on the market, but it is important to understand that not all pots work the same way. We will take a look at some of the most popular types of pots and how they work.

How do net pots work?

The first thing that you should know about net pots is that they are very similar to greenhouses. They are both used to create a controlled environment for the plants. However, the main difference is that net pots have a lid. The lid acts like a greenhouse, keeping the humidity and heat in place. The temperature inside the pot will be affected by the air conditioner and heating system. When the temperature rises, the moisture in the pot evaporates and escapes through the holes in the lid. This allows you to control the temperature and humidity around the plant. The lids are made of glass or plastic, which means that they can be placed in direct sunlight. However, the lids also have holes in them.

What Size Net Pots To Use: Final Say

What size of net pot to use in your hydroponic garden matters a lot. Ensure you always select the best quality net pots so they can last you for a long time as they can be reused.

With that said, we hope you’re now able to decide how to choose the best net pot size for your various hydroponic plants.

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