Easiest Plants To Grow Hydroponically

Are you looking for the easiest plants to grow hydroponically? We’ve got the right answer for you here! We have listed 10 plants you can grow hydroponically, so read through to know your best pick.

Growing hydroponically gives you the benefit of enjoying fresh crops and lovely house plants all year round. No matter your location or the season you’re in, you and your family can enjoy fresh yield from hydroponic indoor gardening.

There are different varieties of plants that can be grown hydroponically, and they include vegetables, herbs, flowers, succulents, houseplants, and so on. So, go through our list of the easiest plants to grow hydroponically.

10 Easiest Plants To Grow Hydroponically

Most hydroponic growers especially beginners are usually interested in growing easy plants in their hydroponic garden so they can experience some early success. It’s a good thing to have a successful starting point when it comes to growing hydroponically. This will usually boost one’s interest and confidence.

10 Easiest Plants To Grow Hydroponically

So, here are the lists of some of the best hydroponics plants you can grow:

1.    Hydroponic Lettuce

One of the most popular and easiest plants that can be grown hydroponically is lettuce. They grow very rapidly and are they are so easy to care for. Lettuce loves water and requires less light, so it’s no surprise they are one of the most loved among hydroponic growers.

2.    Spinach

Spinach is another easy plant you can grow in your hydroponic garden. They are healthy leafy green veggies and they love cool conditions which makes hydroponic settings suitable for them.

3.    Cucumbers

Cucumbers are not left out on the easiest plants to grow hydroponically. Cucumber plants will grow in different hydroponic varieties such as ebb and flow, bubble buckets, and Dutch buckets. They can even grow well in a tower system. They can be grown by hobbyists and commercial growers.

Cucumber plants are excellent vining crops and water-loving. Vining cucumbers require support as they grow and you can use a trellis. The vine variety will as well require room, especially vertical space.

Growing Cucumbers Hydroponically

However, if you don’t have enough space, you can go for the bushy variety. Also, you should choose a cucumber variety that is resistant to mildew as cucumbers are pretty vulnerable to the disease.

4.    Tomatoes

Tomatoes are another great option and they are grown at home and in a commercial greenhouse. Just ensure you supply support as your tomatoes begin to fruit and weigh more. They will grow well in drip systems and hydroponic buckets (also called bubble buckets).

5.    Peppers

Just like tomatoes and cucumbers, growing peppers is easy with hydroponics. all you need do is to ensure they receive adequate sunlight or supply them with good grow light.

6.    Strawberries

One of the most common fruits grown hydroponically is the strawberries fruits. They can be grown in a small garden and in a large-scale commercial hydroponic farm. Strawberries grow very rapidly giving you plenty of yield at a better quality rate. They are also less likely to give you any pest issues.

AeroGarden Black Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden

7.    Basil

Basil herb will also grow easily in hydroponics. The fastest and easiest method of getting started with basil is to purchase basil seedlings and you can get them at any garden center around you. Then you go ahead to transplant the seedlings into your hydroponic system. Ensure you rinse off the soil carefully and thoroughly before transplanting.

8.    Beans

Beans will grow rapidly and require less maintenance to grow at the same time giving you abundant yield. You can grow either the bushy or viny variety. If you are concerned about space and the stress of adding support as they grow, then you should stick with the bushy variety.

9. Carnation

A common flower that can be grown hydroponically is the carnation flower. They can be grown in homes or in a commercial way. Their floral arrangement is so inviting and growing plenty of them in your hydroponics garden can be pretty lucrative.

Growing Carnation Hydroponically

10.    Watercress

From the name, we can tell this plant is a water-loving plant. It is commonly known to be vegetables; however, their flowers are quite edible. If you want your watercress plant to transition into the flowering phase, you will require changing the nutrient to a flowering nutrient solution. Do this when the plant has grown halfway into its vegetative phase.

Tips For Growing The Best Plants For Hydroponics

Once you have decided the appropriate plants to grow hydroponically, you can follow these tips to guide you to grow appropriately:

    • Grow and supply your plants with good lightning.

    • The pH level of your nutrient solutions should be at the appropriate range so nutrients can be absorbed appropriately for plants growth.

    • Plants that have the same needs can be grouped and grown together. Plants such as tomatoes and tomatoes together or spinach and lettuce.

    • Always support heavy viny plants with trellis as their weight gets overwhelmed.

    • If you’re growing for cooking purposes, have in mind that a hydroponic system will produce a lot. So, ensure you plant only a couple of plants so the yield won’t be so excessive and there is minimal waste.

    • Ensure you carefully and thoroughly rinse off any soil to transplant any young plants or seedlings.


Final Say On Easiest Plants To Grow Hydroponically

We have so many options of good plants for hydroponics. However, starting with the easiest plants will make things easier especially if you’re new to the world of hydroponics. This is because some plants require technical skills and knowledge while others are pretty easy.

Once you have learned and perfected growing some easy plants with your hydroponics system, you can then proceed to expand and work on new plants.

All in all, ensure you have fun while growing hydroponically because growing the hydroponic way is a fun thing to do.