How To Grow Basil Hydroponically

How To Grow Basil Hydroponically

Let’s explore how to grow the flavorful basil hydroponically. Growing various plants hydroponically is becoming an interest to many growers as it offers great benefits such as healthy plants, greater yields, dirt-free process, and many more.

Basil is one common herb you can grow hydroponically. It is one of people’s favorite and it’s pretty easy to grow. So, read on to discover how to grow basil hydroponically.

Varieties Of Basil Plant

Basil plant comes in different varieties and all varieties are suitable to grow hydroponically. These varieties differ in features such as flavor, resistance to disease, yield, and growth. Here are the various types of basil plants you can choose:

  1. Cinnamon basil
  2. Dark opal basil
  3. Lemon basil
  4. Holy basil
  5. Sweet basil
  6. Sweet Thai basil
  7. Purple ruffles basil
  8. Spicy bush basil
  9. Lime basil
  10. Christmas basil
Varieties Of Basil Plant

Before choosing the variety to grow, the first thing you should do is to pin down the most appropriate basil plant preferable for your hydroponics. Also, make some inquiries about the productive cultivation necessities.

However, if we want us to recommend the type to go for, our favorite type is the bush and sweet basil variety. They are both great for growing in hydroponics.

Get To Know How To Grow Basil Hydroponically

The first step to commencing how to grow basil hydroponically is to decide how you wish to start. You can commence by seed germination, cloning basil plants, or simply obtaining plants from garden stores near you and transplanting them.

  • Starting With Seed Germination: seed germination is pretty easy to commence basil plants. Just keep them at the appropriate temperature of about 75 degrees. You can make use of a rapid rooter plug for seed germination. You should start to notice germination around 3 to 10 days.
  • Germination From Cuttings: cloning is another way of starting basil germination. Simply get the right plants with healthy growth and great traits.
  • Buying And Transplanting Basil: you can as well buy basil plants from a garden store and transplant them into your hydroponics system.

Planting Basil Hydroponically

Most types of hydroponics systems will work with growing basil plants. However, there are a couple of hydroponics systems that will suit and work better compared to others.

Remember to give your basil plants space of at least 6 to 12 inches to encourage aeration and avoid the growth of fungal.

Also, trimming your basil plants whenever they are full is recommended. Aim to trim above the lateral buds to stimulate growth. Trimming will increase the yield of your basil plant as there will be more room to grow. Ensure you make use of sharp tools for trimming and avoid pinching.

You can make use of the trimmed portions for your tasty meal.

Basil Temperature Requirements

The required temperature for hydroponics basil is around 65 to 80 degrees. They also require mild humidity for optimal growth.

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Light Requirements

The hydroponic basil plant will thrive under moderate light. For optimal growth, supply your basil plants 13 to 16 hours to light daily.

PH Requirements

Basil plant requires a pH range of 5.5 to 6.5.

Nutrient Requirements

The nutrient requirements for your hydroponics basil are pretty simple as the aim is for just its vegetative stage. Thus, what you need is a vegetative nutrient solution.

You want to supply your basil plants with a nutrient scheme rich in nitrogen. Adding a bit of calcium and magnesium to your nutrient scheme is also fine.


The best part of planting is obviously the harvesting time. To harvest, you can harvest the entire basil plant or just take off some leaves.

Harvesting Basil

To store your harvested basil plants, keep them in a vented bag of about 55 to 60 degrees. This way, you can have a stable shelf life with 10 to 12 days duration. It is not recommended to store basil plants in a cooler. A better place is to store them in a jar of water in a cool room.

Conclusion On How To Grow Basil Hydroponically

Growing basil plants hydroponically is easy, fun, and you will enjoy great benefits. No matter the variety you choose, you can be sure of a successful and productive basil growth in your hydroponic system.

Follow the right steps and supply your basil plants with all the requirements we stated above and you can watch your plant grow bountifully.

We hope this article has enlightened you on how to successfully grow basil plants hydroponically. Happy growing folks!