How Far Should Seedlings Be From Grow Light

Light is one of the most crucial requirements for growing plants indoors. Positioning your grow light in the perfect area is important to ensure your plants get the appropriate grow light quantity.

Although a couple of seed varieties require darkness to grow, some plant seedlings do require light for seedlings’ development. The seedling phase is a very fragile phase and they usually require less light intensity. 

Get To Know How Far Grow Light Should Be From Seedlings

Generally, you should position your LED to grow light around 24 to 36 inches above the canopy seedlings.

LED Grow Seedling Light & Wattage

Fluorescent growth light comes in 3 types namely T5, T12, and compact fluorescent lamps.

Fluorescent Grow Light

Thick Brush Stroke

Other Plant Stages Grow Light Distance

Vegetative Phase: the LED grow light distance for the vegetative phase of a plant is between 12 to 24 inches above the plants’ canopy.


Flowering Phase: when the vegetative stage is complete and the plant advances into the flowering phase ...


As we have pointed out earlier that light is one of the key factors to seedling development, we would also point out what too much light can cause your plants.

Disadvantages Of Too Much Light

How your grow light should be far from seedlings will depend on the type of grow light you’re using and the wattage or light intensity. With the information we have given above, we hope you have learned the right distance to place your grow light from your seedlings.


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