How Many Watts Per Plant For Led Grow Lights

Now you’ve got everything ready for your indoor hydroponics farm and this question pops into your mind: how many watts per plant for LED grow lights?

Wattage in the real sense shouldn’t be the actual indicator for your grow lights. It does not determine the quantity of energy your plants receives to grow. You should only use watts as a guideline for calculating grow light fixtures.

Wattage As Plant Indicator For Grow Light

Let’s take a look at this using square foot per plant. The first thing you need to do is measure the size of your grow space or tent by square feet.

How Many Watts Per Plant LED Grow Lights

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Factors For Choosing LED Grow Light Per Plant

Type Of Plant


Grow Space Or Tent 


Growth Stage

Deciding on the appropriate light per square meter of your grow space or tent is crucial.

Watt Per Square Foot Of Plant

The LED you to find in the market will have their printed manufacture’s wattage. However, the actual watt to run it is usually different.

Manufacture’s Watt vs. Actual Watt

Deciding how many watts per plant for LED grow lights will depend on the size of your grow space. Put all the necessary factors together and you will be a step ahead from deciding the right watts for your plant’s growing needs.


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