How to Add Compost to Existing Plant

Adding finished compost to your garden plant isn’t a difficult task, but you need to do it properly. There are ways to add fertilizer directly to your plant, and you need to be familiar with the process if you are going to get the best out of composting. 

You can add compost to your soil by slowly using the compost to amend the soil. Since you can’t make use of forks around the roots of your shrubs and vegetables, the safer alternative ...

Using Compost to Amend the Soil 

You can do this by taking a pillowcase, and filling it will ready-made compost. Once it is full, dip it in a bucket of water, and allow it to settle for a few days.

In the Form of Compost Tea

You can also apply compost to your garden plant as a mulch. Before you begin the process, you want to ensure that you remove all weed and grass from around your plants.

As a Mulch

This method works best for lawn grass since you have to spread the compost and cover it with grass. You will have to make use of a rake to spread the compost into your lawn roots and water your garden afterward. 


Using compost in your garden is as effective as adding organic fertilizers. Compost is household waste that has undergone biological breakdown and is safe to use on all garden plants. You should be aware that it is unsafe to use human waste in edible garden plants.

Why You Should Add Compost to your Garden

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