How to Get Rid of Johnson Grass Organically

If you have huge farmlands, chances are you’ve probably thought about how to get rid of Johnson grass organically. While there are a lot of herbicides that we can buy in the market today, using homemade ones, which are much more natural, provides more advantages compared to its chemical versions.

It is a type of weed that has been plaguing a lot of farmers since it was introduced as a forage crop. Because of its invasiveness and noxiousness, a lot of states allowed landowners to eliminate this weed, especially when its growth is getting out of hand.  

The Johnson Grass

Believe it or not but just simply using boiling water can already kill this weed. It’s one of the most environmentally-friendly ways to remove this weed.

Organic Ways to Get Rid of Them: Boiling Water

Just pull the weed from its base along with its rhizomes as leaving some behind will actually just let the weed regrow. Start pulling off this weed off during the start of spring as the ground ...

Organic Ways to Get Rid of Them: Hand Pulling

You need to mow the area as short as possible, discard the clippings afterwards. Next, you can now place the newspapers in the area where the Johnson grass grew.

Organic Ways to Get Rid of Them: Newspaper Mulch

Now that you’re aware of some of the most effective and organic ways to get rid of Johnson grass, you can now clear your farmland from weeds in an environmentally-friendly and healthier way. You can use all of the natural options mentioned previously, or you can also opt for the organic items from Amazon. 


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