How to Get Rid of Johnson Grass Organically

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Last Updated on January 26, 2022

If you have huge farmlands, chances are you’ve probably thought about how to get rid of Johnson grass organically. While there are a lot of herbicides that we can buy in the market today, using homemade ones, which are much more natural, provides more advantages compared to its chemical versions.  

If you’re looking for a more organic approach to killing this pesky weed, below is a list of some of the most effective and natural ways to eliminate it and some valuable sections that will explain what the Johnson grass is and why it’s beneficial to use organic weed control instead.

The Johnson Grass

This is a type of weed that has been plaguing a lot of farmers since it was introduced as a forage crop. Because of its invasiveness and noxiousness, a lot of states allowed landowners to eliminate this weed, especially when its growth is getting out of hand.  


Though used as forage to help stop erosion, it’s deemed as a weed. This is because its foliage, when wilted due to heat or frost, can kill horses or cattle because of its hydrogen cyanide substances, especially when eaten in quantity. It can also lead to bloating in your animals because it’s abundant in nitrates, though it’s still edible as long as it’s taken in small amounts.

Because it grows rapidly, it can also take over a large area, thus suffocating the other crops. This makes them some of the most annoying weeds that we know today. 

Organic Ways to Get Rid of Them

As mentioned above, there are a lot of herbicides that you can buy in the market at the moment. However, they are harmful to the environment as they’re full of chemicals. That’s why it’s important that you use natural ways to kill this pesky weed

How to Get Rid of Johnson Grass Organically

Below are some organic ways that you can easily find at home to eliminate the Johnson grass:

  • Boiling Water

Believe it or not but just simply using boiling water can already kill this weed. It’s one of the most environmentally-friendly ways to remove this weed. Just make sure that you pour the hot water not only on the leaves but the roots as well. 

Doing so will not leave any residue, so you can use this method over and over again. However, make sure that you’re mindful when pouring hot water over the weeds as you may affect the nearby crops, flowers, or vegetables. That’s why you’re encouraged to pour a small splash of the hot water to prevent it from spilling on the other plants.

  • Hand Pulling

This is another straightforward way to get rid of the Johnson grass weed. To do this, just pull the weed from its base along with its rhizomes as leaving some behind will actually just let the weed regrow. Start pulling off this weed off during the start of spring as the ground during this time is soft and moist, allowing you to remove the rhizomes more successfully. 

How to Get Rid of Johnson Grass Organically

  • Newspaper Mulch

You can also use newspapers to eliminate these weeds by smothering them. First, you need to mow the area as short as possible, discard the clippings afterwards. Next, you can now place the newspapers in the area where the Johnson grass grew.

Use old newspapers that are non-glossy and spread them over the grass. Make sure that you overlap each newspaper so that there’s no chance for the sunlight, air, or water to enter the gaps. To avoid the newspapers from flying, you can spread a thick layer of wet wood chip or organic mulch over the newspaper layers. 

Within 2 to 4 weeks, the weeds will start decomposing. This is beneficial as it will organically enrich the soil, giving you a much more fertile area. 

  • Table Salt

Another way to kill the weeds is by using salt, mixing 1 part of it in 8 parts hot water with a few drops of liquid dish soap. Mix the solution and place it inside a spray bottle.

However, be very careful when using the solution as it’s very detrimental to the soil. That’s why you should only spray the solution on the leaves. The effects will take some time to show, so don’t stop spraying this solution until you see that the weeds start wilting.

  • White Vinegar

The last organic method that you can use is white vinegar. The acetic acid found in vinegar can effectively kill any weed. Plus, it’s really convenient as vinegar can easily be found at home or in your local grocery shop. 

You can use your typical vinegar at home, which mostly has 5% acetic acid. However, if you want a stronger solution, some industrial ones like the Pure 20% Vinegar are much more effective. Place the vinegar inside a spray bottle so that you can easily apply the vinegar onto the leaves. 

Benefits of Using Organic Weed Control 

Though herbicides with chemicals are effective, using organic methods to remove Johnson grass is much more beneficial. This is because it’s not only helpful to the environment, but it’s also healthier for you and your animals.


Luckily, aside from the natural ways of getting rid of Johnson grass mentioned above, there are now organic herbicide solutions that you can purchase in your local gardening stores or online. Some examples of such are the Weed Slayer Organic Herbicide Natural Grass and Weed Control and EarthSafe All Natural Organic Weed Killer from Amazon. 


Now that you’re aware of some of the most effective and organic ways to get rid of Johnson grass, you can now clear your farmland from weeds in an environmentally-friendly and healthier way. You can use all of the natural options mentioned above, or you can also opt for the organic items from Amazon. 

Do you agree that these organic methods are effective? Comment below if you do so, or let us know if you have other natural alternatives that you can suggest. In this way, you’re not only helping the community but the environment as well. 

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