How To Grow Basil Hydroponically

Let’s explore how to grow the flavorful basil hydroponically. Growing various plants hydroponically is becoming an interest to many growers as it offers great benefits such as healthy plants, greater yields, dirt-free process, and many more.

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Varieties Of Basil Plant

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Get To Know How To Grow Basil Hydroponically

Starting With Seed Germination


Germination From Cuttings


Buying And Transplanting Basil

Most types of hydroponics systems will work with growing basil plants. However, there are a couple of hydroponics systems that will suit and work better compared to others.

Planting Basil Hydroponically

Basil Temperature Requirements :The required temperature for hydroponics basil is around 65 to 80 degrees. They also require mild humidity for optimal growth.

Light Requirements: The hydroponic basil plant will thrive under moderate light. For optimal growth, supply your basil plants 13 to 16 hours to light daily. PH Requirements: Basil plant requires a pH range of 5.5 to 6.5.

Nutrient Requirements: for your hydroponics basil are pretty simple as the aim is for just its vegetative stage. Harvesting: To harvest, you can harvest the entire basil plant or just take off some leaves.

Growing basil plants hydroponically is easy, fun, and you will enjoy great benefits. No matter the variety you choose, you can be sure of a successful and productive basil growth in your hydroponic system.


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