How To Grow Lettuce From Seed  

Although growing lettuce is incredibly easy, there are some important factors to consider when growing it. Lettuce requires quite a lot of sunlight to grow properly, so if you live in low-light areas then growing lettuce may not be for you. Without further ado, keep reading 

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Step By Step Guide To Growing Lettuce From Seed Indoor

Step 1: To germinate lettuce seed, you will need a growing medium. Step 2:  Fill the growing tray with the growing mix and level it out.  Step 3:  Cover them in a thin layer of fine compost. Step 4:  During the growing period, ensure the growing conditions are right for your plants. 


You’ll need to prepare the growing area by spading and preparing the soil with some sand beforehand – don’t forget it will require a lot of nutrients! 

Growing Lettuce From Seed Outdoor

At night, when growing lettuce from seed in a greenhouse, the temperature should be at least +5°C (41°F).

What Is The Right Temperature For Growing Lettuce From Seed In A Greenhouse?

When planting your young plants outside you should consider fertilizing them with an organic liquid fertilizer such as fish emulsion or seaweed extract plus bonemeal.

What Type Of Fertilizer Does Growing Lettuce From Seed Require?

You will need containers that are around 8 inches deep if you’re planting them outdoors or about 5 inches if growing them indoors. Black plastic pots are best.

Growing Lettuce From Seeds In Container

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