A Complete Guide To Growing Lettuce From Seed

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Last Updated on July 30, 2022

Growing lettuce from seed is an easy and fun activity to do with your young ones and later enjoy its good harvest.

Although growing lettuce is incredibly easy, there are some important factors to consider when growing it. Lettuce requires quite a lot of sunlight to grow properly, so if you live in low-light areas then growing lettuce may not be for you.

Also, growing salad greens like this will require more nutrients than their head-forming counterparts (it takes up to 20 days for them to form heads). If you plan on growing your vegetables over the summer or winter, make sure that you prepare the soil beforehand!

Step By Step Guide To Growing Lettuce From Seed Indoors

As you will see below, how to start growing lettuce from seed is easy and fast.

  • Step 1: Germinate

To germinate lettuce seeds, you will need a growing medium. Any sterile growing mix is suitable for growing lettuce from seed, although there are specific growing mixes available at your local garden center.

  • Step 2:  Give them some space!

Fill the growing tray with the growing mix and level it out slightly before sowing your seeds evenly across the surface of the growing medium. It’s important to note that a single pickling cucumber plant requires 100 square feet of space!

  • Step 3: Keep an eye on them

Cover them in a thin layer of fine compost or vermiculite and give them a good misting over with some water. Keep an eye on them throughout the first few weeks as young lettuce plants appreciate moist soil conditions – do not let their roots dry out.

  • Step 4:  Ready to transplant?

During the growing period, ensure the growing conditions are right for your plants. You will find that your young plants will rapidly germinate and start growing. Within a few weeks, they will have developed their first set of leaves and be ready to transplant into another growing container or module tray for a longer growing cycle.

You can choose to grow your seedlings indoors in this case. However, if you do not have enough space on your windowsill, it’s best to move them outside so long as the weather is starting to turn warm again.

You may wish to cover your seedling with some shade netting overnight. This is a good idea until they get used to being outdoors if you’ve been growing them indoors for a while – particularly during cold winter.

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Growing Lettuce From Seed Outdoors

You’ll need to prepare the growing area by spading and preparing the soil with some sand beforehand – don’t forget it will require a lot of nutrients!

Hoe the surface until it has turned to fine soil and level it with your hand or rake and transplant your growing plants. Ensure that your growing containers are at least eight inches deep so that they have enough room to develop their roots.

Growing Lettuce From Seed Outdoors

Once planted, water them well and wait for those tender little green shoots to appear above ground. Make sure you keep an eye on them if there’s any possibility of frost as cold weather may cause them to “bolt” (run-up like a flower) rather than grow into a mature plant.

Once the weather starts to warm up, you will have lovely green leaves growing in no time! Harvest your lettuce when it is large enough and enjoy it with some tasty dressing or dip. I like to add nuts or dried fruit for an extra taste sensation.

Well, that’s about it – growing lettuce from seed requires very little work and attention – excellent if you’re busy but still want something productive growing on your windowsill. Enjoy!

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What Is The Right Temperature For Growing Lettuce From Seed In A Greenhouse?

When growing your lettuce inside a greenhouse, ensure your plants have the right temperatures.

At night, when growing lettuce from seed in a greenhouse, the temperature should be at least +5°C (41°F). If the temperature goes lower than +5°C (41°F) outdoors, then you should consider bringing your growing tray with growing plants under the shelter. During the day, temperatures in the greenhouse should be at least +18°C (64.4°F).

Overall, the temperatures in the greenhouse should range between 20-30°C (68-86°F). However, growing lettuce from seed can withstand higher temperatures up to 35°C (95°F).

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What Type Of Fertilizer Does Growing Lettuce From Seed Require?

When growing your lettuce indoors you don’t need any additional fertilizers for growing. However, when planting your young plants outside you should consider fertilizing them with an organic liquid fertilizer such as fish emulsion or seaweed extract plus bonemeal. When growing indoors and outdoors use only half the recommended dosage that is read on the package.

Growing Lettuce From Seeds In Containers

Growing lettuce from indoor starts requires very little time.  Plants will need a minimum of four hours of full sun per day outside and twelve hours per day inside.

You will need containers that are around eight inches deep if you’re planting them outdoors or about five inches if growing them indoors. Black plastic pots are best as they absorb the maximum amount of light and heat (perfect for plants like lettuce and tomatoes).

Plant your seeds about 1/8 inch deep into moist potting soil in either small individual pots or one large container that measures approximately eight inches deep. Keep the growing medium moist but not wet at all times to ensure your success with these fast-growing plants.

Growing Lettuce From Seeds In Containers

Conclusion On Growing Lettuce From Seed

Growing lettuce indoors is nice if you don’t have the space outside or you can grow them all year round inside where it’s warm without worrying about cold temperatures (for growing plants only after they are mature enough).


What temperature is fit for growing lettuce in the greenhouse?

Growing lettuce in the greenhouse requires a growing temperature of +5°C (41°F) at night and a minimum growing temperature of +18°C (64.4°F) during the day.

How do you grow lettuce seeds indoors?

You should start growing lettuce indoors early in the growing season. Plant your growing seeds about 1/8 inch deep into moist potting soil in either small individual pots or one large container that measures approximately 5 inches deep. Keep the growing medium moist but not wet at all times to ensure your success with these fast-growing plants.

How do you grow lettuce from seed outdoors?

Growing lettuce outside is very easy, however, growing indoors is a little different from growing outdoors. Start by sowing the seeds indoors to transplant outdoors after the danger of frost has passed and the soil has warmed up.

Plant your seedlings in a prepared growing garden bed, spacing them 12-24 inches apart (30.5-61cm). Ensure you water your lettuce once a day in the morning when there is no chance of rain in the forecast.

How do you grow lettuce from seed?

Growing lettuce from growing seed requires very little effort - you don't need any special growing techniques! Ensure to sow your seeds at the right growing season and feed them with organic liquid fertilizer if growing them outdoors. Whether you are growing lettuce indoors or outdoors, on your window sill or in the greenhouse, timely sowing of seeds is critical.

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