All About LED Grow Light Distance Chart

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Last Updated on February 8, 2022

An LED grow light distance chart is essential to help every gardener determine how much light the plants receive from grow lights.

During the winter months, many LED grow lights enthusiasts use panels closer than their usual distances for an extended period to ensure successful growth indoors under limited natural sun exposure. Although this technique does work, LED plant lights should only be used closer for limited periods and not left on plants 24/7.

A single LED lamp tends to dissipate its energy in all directions, thus creating a sphere of light around the actual lamp itself.  Therefore, if positioned too close (over 2-3″/5-7 cm)to the top of the plant canopy, these lamps can scorch or burn leaves and flowers.

The LED grow light distance chart is the most useful resource for finding out how far your garden lighting should be from plants.

The LED Grow Light Distance Chart

This is determined by various factors that include measurements, dimensions, and other variables essential for determining how far you can place light.

Another factor that determines LED grow light distance is the wattage of each lamp you are using.  Lamps with high wattage (100 watts +) will need to be placed further away than lower wattage lamps so as not to damage sensitive the garden foliage.

The LED Grow Light Distance Chart

How To Use The LED Grow Light Distance Chart

This is a very simple exercise that will let you know how far away your plants are from your LED lamps so that they receive the optimum amount of light without being burnt by an excess of heat.

Simply place one or two LED garden lamps on the floor at equal distances between each other, then look up at the top interior side of your canopy, which is where the grow light fixture should be hanging.

Then measure the distance between LED lights and your plant, but make sure you use a tape measure as this will ensure consistency of the measurements taken.

After which you should check against the LED grow light distance chart to determine whether or not you are within range of your garden lamps.

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The LED Grow Light Distance Calculator

Found on most LED lighting manufacturers’ sites, they can tell you how far away from the plants your grow bulbs need to be so that they do not burn them. This is essential if you want to avoid scorching or burning of the foliage.

To calculate how far your plants are from the LED bulb, follow these steps:

  • Measure the distance between LED grow light and plant so that you can use that as your X measurement in the grow light distance formula.
  • Next, measure the distance of the LED panel to the plant up top near the hood, which is where the garden lights should be placed according to this grow light chart.
  • Now take those amounts of inches (or cm’s) and divide them by two (in case there are two bulbs on your LED panel).

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For example: If your LED lamp is 36 inches away from your plant..  divide 36 by 2; now you will have 18 inches. .  Then look at the LED grow light distance chart below to determine if it is too close or not.

Don’t forget your LED grow light calculator to determine the plant distance!

This LED grow light distance chart will ensure that your plants receive enough light, especially during winter months when there is limited sun exposure outdoors.

Using LED lights for growing vegetation indoors does have its advantages, but only if they are positioned at the right distances away from plants to avoid scorching of the leaves and flowers.

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The LED Grow Light Distance Chart Seedlings

This is one of many LED grow light distance charts that focus on the lights for young seedlings.

One of the LED grow light distance charts helps you identify how far your grow lights are from your plants.

There are plenty of factors that go into the correct measurements needed for each plant in your indoor garden.  This makes it essential that you have an LED grow light distance chart seedlings at all times so that you can ensure optimum growth conditions leading up to outdoor harvesting.

The ability to utilize the LED grow light distance chart seedlings is something many grow light enthusiasts will find extremely useful.

Full-spectrum LED Grow Light Distance Chart

The full spectrum LED grow light distance chart provides you with detailed information on these lights so that you can place them correctly in your garden.

If your LED grow light is too far away, your plants will not receive enough light to photosynthesize, while a light placed too close can cause the burning of leaves.

This is why it’s important to know how far away to keep LED lamps from the plants, while at the same time receiving just enough full-spectrum lights for proper growth conditions.

There are plenty of factors that go into measuring LED plant lights correctly, with many gardening companies making LED grow light distance charts for this purpose.

For example, make sure you are using a tape measure when taking measurements between LED lamps and your plants, as this will ensure consistency of LED grow measurements.

Most LED grow light distance charts focus on the lamps for garden plants specifically.  However, some of these charts provide detailed information that can be useful to anyone wanting to know the distance of the correct light between their grow lights and the plants.

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The 600W LED Grow Light Distance Chart

This 600W LED grow light distance chart 600w is one of many LED grow light distance charts that can be found online.

Many gardening enthusiasts find the 600W LED grow light distance chart useful for this reason, it can provide detailed information that has been collected over time by experienced LED gardeners.

The 600W LED Grow Light Distance Chart

While many LED light distance charts provide grow measurements in inches, the plant height can vary quite a bit when these lights are involved. For this reason, make sure you know the exact height of the LED lamps when using the 600w grow light distance chart led to getting accurate readings.

Most gardeners will find that their plants need less than 18 inches in distance from LED lighting within the first few weeks following germination.  During flowering and vegetation periods, most indoor plants will require over 10 inches of space between an LED lamp and a plant for best results.

Final Thoughts

The LED grow light distance chart is a tool that every grow light enthusiast should have available to use even as gardening becomes more popular. Knowing the correct wattage and how far away you should place LED lamps from the plants will ensure optimum conditions for your garden.

You can take measurements either with a tape measure or ruler when using an LED grow light distance chart.  This information will be useful if you’re planning on growing indoor plants.


How far should plants be from LED grow lights?

Most LED light distance charts will advise you to keep the lamps at least 2-4 inches away from plants, with 18-24 inches being optimal.

How far away should LED grow lights be from seedlings?

Most LED grow lights distance charts Recommend that the garden plants under 2-3 inches be kept at least 3-4 inches away from the growing lights.

How far apart should grow lights be from each other?

On average, most growers will want to leave about 6 inches between LED lights during vegetation periods (with the exception of flowering periods, which usually require more space).

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