How To Harvest Kale So It Keeps Growing

The tender leafy green of kale plants is a resilient frost-friendly green that is loved by many growers. Many of us would love to keep our kale plants in our garden for as long as possible so that we can enjoy that cut and come again.

The leaves of kale can be harvested in two different ways. You can harvest the matured kale leaves or baby kale leaves. 

When To Harvest Kale

To harvest kale, you can simply use your fingers to snap kale plants or you can use clean and sharp gardening tools.

How To Harvest Kale 

– Kale leaves need to be removed from the outermost parts then you work your way to the inner part as you pick the bigger and lower leaves from the plant’s layer. --Make sure you pick the leaves one by one and make sure you leave the central leaves with the central bud that you see on the plant.

How To Harvest Kale So It Keeps Growing

There is no number of times you can harvest kale because you can harvest them over and over again. So far you keep to the rules of maintaining a healthy plant and you don’t damage the central bud, then you can keep growing and harvesting kale greens.

How Many Times Can One Cut Kale Greens?

To properly store kale leaves that are freshly picked, simply wash all the leaves and then blot them dry using a cloth. Ensure the entire leaves are intact and put them in a resealable plastic bag with a paper towel.

Storing Kale Green

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