How To Harvest Kale So It Keeps Growing

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Last Updated on May 12, 2022

One easy and nutritious vegetable to grow is kale. Now, if you’re a newbie that wishes to grow kale, then you should get to know how you can properly harvest this veggie to maximize your harvest. How to harvest kale so it keeps growing is what we will be looking into in this article.

The tender leafy green of kale plants is a resilient frost-friendly green that is loved by many growers. Many of us would love to keep our kale plants in our garden for as long as possible so that we can enjoy that cut and come again.

Apart from the easy growth of kale plants, the plant also offers amazing health benefits. So, you can enjoy nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, and folate, and it is also loaded with lots of antioxidants.

How to harvest kale so it keeps growing is easy to achieve and we will be giving amazing tips on how to go about it.

When To Harvest Kale

The leaves of kale can be harvested in two different ways. You can harvest the matured kale leaves or baby kale leaves.

However, when you want to harvest either of this kale (baby or matured kale), know that there are different periods in which they can be harvested.  But when you’re harvesting both baby kale and matured kale, you should harvest them the same way so you can continue enjoying the cut and come again feel.

  • Matured kales green are usually ready for picking in about 60 days after planting. You can identify a healthy matured kale when you notice the plant has more than ten leaves. Then you will also see some tiny leaves in the center of kale plants which are surrounded by larger leaves.
  • If you wish to pick baby kale greens, they should be ready for harvesting in about 25 to 30 days of seed sowing.

The ideal harvest period for kale green is once in the later stages of spring or early summer. Then the second round of harvest usually comes again during autumn.

Avoid leaving your kale plant too long before harvesting. This is mainly because kale usually becomes large as they grow old and they may change color and fall off. But if this happens probably because you missed harvesting on time, you can just pick out the bad leaves and your plant can keep growing for you to enjoy the continuous harvest.

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How To Harvest Kale So It Keeps Growing

To harvest kale, you can simply use your fingers to snap kale plants or you can use clean and sharp gardening tools.

So, to enjoy a continuous harvest of your kale green, follow these steps on how you can properly harvest kale:

  • Kale leaves need to be removed from the outermost parts then you work your way to the inner part as you pick the bigger and lower leaves from the plant’s layer.
  • Make sure you pick the leaves one by one and make sure you leave the central leaves with the central bud that you see on the plant. Doing this will ensure will make sure your plant produces more leaves.
  • In the process of harvesting, ensure discolored leaves are taken out so that new growth and healthy leaves can be encouraged. It is usually a week or even less than a week for the new set of leaves to appear.

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How To Harvest Kale So It Keeps Growing

So, when next you’re harvesting your kale greens, ensure you keep these above tips in mind and you can continue to enjoy that cut and come again feeling.

How Many Times Can One Cut Kale Greens?

There is no number of times you can harvest kale because you can harvest them over and over again. So far you keep to the rules of maintaining a healthy plant and you don’t damage the central bud, then you can keep growing and harvesting kale greens.

However, you need to know that the kale plant is a biennial plant. This implies that even if there isn’t any limit to harvesting them, you will still need to replace your plant every two years.

You may experience your kale green always looking healthy but there are times your kale may look wilted or even limped. When you notice these unappealing looks, it may be an indication that the plant is dead. You may still be able to revive kale dead plant after its two years have elapsed. But the best thing to do in this situation is just to replace the plant with a new one.

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Storing Kale Greens

So, to properly store kale leaves that are freshly picked, simply wash all the leaves and then blot them dry using a cloth. Ensure the entire leaves are intact and put them in a resealable plastic bag with a paper towel. This way, the leaves won’t get slimy or soggy.

If you will be refrigerating kale greens using the above-mentioned tip, you can store kale leaves for up to two weeks.

Storing Kale Greens

Conclusion On How To Harvest Kale So It Keeps Growing

The super nutritious kale greens are a wonderful veggie to grow and their versatility makes them easy to be used (in cooking) in different ways.

With the great characteristics this superfood offers, it is lonely logical for growers to want always to have this veggie every time. This is why you need to know how to get that cut and come again experience with kale.

How to harvest kale so it keeps growing has been discussed in this post and we hope you have gained some insight on this.


Does kale keep growing after you pick it?

Yes, it is possible for kale to keep growing after you’ve picked it. But to achieve this continuous growth, you need to harvest this green the right way. Maintain a healthy kale plant and avoid damaging the central bud and your kale will keep growing.

How long will kale continue to grow?

Ideally, kale is a biennial plant that will continue to grow for 2 years. But it is still possible to be able to revive kale plant after its 2 years growth span. But it is better to just replace the plant after two years.

How do you harvest kale without killing it?

To harvest your kale greens without killing the plant, simply ensure you avoid picking or damaging the terminal bud.

What does kale look like when it’s ready to harvest?

You can determine your kale is ready for harvest when the plant has attained a height of about 12 inches. Also, once the leaves are around the size of your hand or even bigger, then they are ready to be picked.

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